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Victorian Inn Restaurant, 

1709 Main Street, Highway 299 West

Weaverville, CA

July 13-14, 2005


Conference Objectives:  Review and celebrate recent accomplishments at
several field locations; address current policy issues facing the Trinity
River Restoration Program, including rate of implementation, sources of
funding, and Klamath - Trinity coordination, with specific attention to
floodplain structure modifications, channel rehabilitation sites, and core
science program requirements.  These issues will be examined in the context
of current realty issues, permitting requirements, and increased costs of
implementation.  Participants will be challenged to identify innovative ways
to advance all aspects of the TRRP Record of Decision. 


Trinity Management Council Principals and Panelists: 

*	Ryan Broddrick: Director, California Department of Fish and Game
*	Mike Chrisman: Secretary, California Resources Agency 
*	Roger Jaegel: District _ Supervisor, Trinity County Board of
*	Gerald Johns: Assistant Director, California Department of Water
*	Clifford Marshall: Chairman, Hoopa Valley Tribe 
*	Howard McConnell: Chairman, Yurok Tribe 
*	Rod McInnis, Regional Administrator, National Marine Fisheries
*	Jason Peltier: Special Assistant to Assistant Secretary of Water and
Science, Department of the Interior 
*	Kirk Rodgers: Regional Director, Bureau of Reclamation, Mid-Pacific
*	Steve Thompson: California/Nevada Operations Manager, U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service 
*	Bernie Weingardt: Regional Forester, USDA Forest Service, Pacific
Southwest Region 


Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Time                                        Topic
Discussion Leader


9:00                  Welcome and Introductions
Doug Schleusner, Director

9:10                  Introductory Remarks - Trinity Management Council
Mike Long, Vice-Chair

9:30                  Introductory Remarks - Trinity Adaptive Management
Arnold Whitridge, Chair


9:50                  Program Overview
Doug Schleusner 


10:30   Break


10:45                Listening Session: Comments from Program Partners
Doug Schleusner, Moderator

and Audience 

                        (approx. 15 slots at 5 minutes per person based on
sign up sheet)


12:00                Working Lunch (order from Trinideli)

                                    Field Tour Overview
Ed Solbos, TRRP


12:40               Depart for Hocker Flat by Bus


1:00                  Hocker Flat Rehabilitation Site 

                                    Project Summary
Joe Riess, TRRP and 

Curtis Anderson, DWR


2:30                  Floodplain Structures 

                                    Tullis Property - Lessons Learned, and
Ed Solbos, TRRP

                                    Indian Creek - CDFG Proposal
Tom Stokely, Trinity County


4:00                  Poker Bar Bridge 

                                    Project Summary
Ed Solbos, TRRP

Doug Schleusner and Others


4:45                  Informal Reception and Celebration
Jim Casebolt, President

Poker Bar HOA


6:00                  Bus Returns to Weaverville 


6:30                 Dinner - On Your Own 


Thursday, July 14, 2005 


Time                                        Topic
Discussion Leader


8:00                  Review of Today's Topics and Process
Doug Schleusner, TRRP


8:15                  Panel 1: Funding and the Rate of Implementation
Jason Peltier, Moderator

                                    Preparing the Floodplain for Higher

                                    Staff Overview (15 min.)
Ed Solbos, TRRP

                                    TMC and TAMWG Perspective (15 min.) 

                                    Panel Discussion (30 min.)

*         Design criteria

*         Property disposal

*         Schedule

*         Funding requirements


9:15                              Constructing Channel Rehabilitation Sites

                                    Facilitate Greater Rearing Habitat

                                    Staff Overview (15 min.)
Ed Solbos, TRRP

                                    TMC and TAMWG Perspective (15 min.)

                                    Panel Discussion (30 min.)

*         Design components

*         Schedule

*         Funding requirements


10:15   Break


10:30                            Key AEAM Science Program Components
Clair Stalnaker, Moderator

                                    Staff Overview (20 min.)
Rod Wittler, TRRP

                                    TMC and TAMWG Perspective (20 min.) 

                                    Panel Discussion (50 min.) 

*         Adaptive Environmental Assessment and Management

*         Scientific measures of success and progress 

*         Harvest management and hatchery practices 

*         Role of wildlife in a fishery restoration program


12:00                            Lunch (Buffet style at LaGrange, $9-12
price range)



1:15                  Panel 2: Improving Klamath - Trinity Coordination
Jason Peltier, Moderator

                                    Staff Overview (15 min.)
Rod Wittler, TRRP

                                    TMC and TAMWG Perspective (15 min.) 

                                    Panel Discussion (30 min.) 

*         Disease monitoring and potential fall flows


2:15                  Summary and Synthesis by the Panel
Jason Peltier, Moderator

                                    Assessment of the Program's Progress 

*         What is a realistic rate of implementation for key elements of the

*         What is an appropriate balance between project implementation and
the modeling/monitoring/analysis components of the Program?

                                    Suggested Areas of Emphasis for the Next
3 Years 

                                    Action Items for the Principals 

*         How can the Principals help obtain additional funding or otherwise
advance the Program?

*         What specific areas of coordination between the Klamath and
Trinity basins can be improved - how, and by whom?


 3:30                 Adjourn and Travel Home




Byron Leydecker, 

Chair, Friends of Trinity River

Consultant, California Trout, Inc.

PO Box 2327

Mill Valley, CA 94942-2327

415 383 4810 ph

415 383 9562 fx

bwl3 at comcast.net

bleydecker at stanfordalumni.org (secondary)





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