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See forwarded message below.  If you're interested in these issues, and want
a copy of the pdf file, let me know.  I'll send it to you.  




Attached in Adobe pdf is the Stormwater Runoff Water Quality
Science/Engineering Newsletter Volume NL 8-4.  This Newsletter presents
information on a recently published compendium of information (Water
Encyclopedia) on water-related issues.  According to the publisher, J.
Wiley, "The Water Encyclopedia presents the reader with a comprehensive
depository of the most current cutting-edge information available today.
Leading experts in water-related fields offer their insight into a variety
of different topics including water quality, wastewater, ground water,
surface water, oceans, industrial water, water chemistry, drinking water,
ultrapure water, and water resources."  


The Water Encyclopedia is a 4112-page, five-volume set.  Drs. Anne Jones-Lee
and G. Fred Lee contributed six sections of the Water Encyclopedia. This
issue of the Newsletter presents their section, "Clean Water Act, Water
Quality Criteria/Standards, TMDLs, and Weight-of-Evidence Approach for
Regulating Water Quality,"  


If you do not have Adobe Reader 6.0 on your computer, you may wish to
download it at no cost from www.adobe.com.  


This Newsletter is in its eighth year of publication.  Past issues of this
Newsletter and a Newsletter index are available at www.gfredlee.com.


If you have questions or comments on this or past Newsletters please contact
Dr. Anne Jones-Lee at gfredlee at aol.com.  


G. Fred Lee, PhD, PE, DEE, AAEE Bd. Cert. Env. Eng.
G. Fred Lee & Associates



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