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From: Brian Stranko, CalTrout Executive Director [mailto:info at caltrout.org] 
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2005 2:09 PM
To: Byron Leydecker
Subject: Our fight to save endangered trout and salmon continues




Dear Byron,

California Trout has launched a new online advocacy program to enable
anglers, sportsmen, and other concerned Americans to weigh in on key issues
that affect wild trout, steelhead, and their waters throughout California.

We are actively working to defeat the Pombo bill, which would do lasting
damage to the Endangered Species Act.  I hope you'll help us build a
groundswell of grassroots opposition to this dangerous measure by forwarding
the message below to your friends, posting it in discussion groups and blogs
you participate in, and generally helping us spread the word about H.R.

Thanks so much for your help!

Brian Stranko
Executive Director
California Trout


No news isn't always good news.

In the case of H.R. 3824, Chairman Richard Pombo's bill that would gut many
critical provisions of the landmark Endangered Species Act, the legislation
is now pending in the United States Senate after narrowly passing the House
of Representatives.  

So far, this terrible bill hasn't emerged from committee to reach the Senate
floor for a vote -- but we've got to keep the pressure on to make sure that
never happens.  

Forward a message to your Senators today, urging them to
<http://ga3.org/campaign/endangeredspecies_senate?source=nov17>  oppose H.R.

As you may remember from some previous messages on this subject, the
Endangered Species Act is vital in maintaining the river and ocean habitats
upon which California fisheries depend.  As Californians, we care about
protecting wildlife and wild places in our state and across America for our
children and our grandchildren to enjoy.  

But if this terrible legislation is signed into law, H.R. 3824 would allow
more pesticide runoff into salmon streams, require payoffs to developers,
and make voluntary many habitat protections for the 270 threatened and
endangered wildlife species in California, including salmon and trout.

That's why we've got do everything we can -- now -- to make sure the Pombo
bill never sees the light of day on the floor of the United States Senate.

Urge your Senators to reject H.R. 3824 -- and work
<http://ga3.org/campaign/endangeredspecies_senate?source=nov17>  actively to
defeat it!

We're lucky, so far, that the Senate hasn't moved H.R. 3824 forward.  But we
can't take anything for granted.

We've got to keep the pressure on, and let our Senators know that we're
watching their actions, to make sure the Pombo bill is defeated in the

There's too much at stake to let down now.

Please forward an email to your Senators
<http://ga3.org/campaign/endangeredspecies_senate?source=nov17>  -- and then
invite 5 friends to join our cause.


Brian Stranko
Executive Director
California Trout

P.S.  After you've forwarded your own email
<http://ga3.org/campaign/endangeredspecies_senate/wki57wur45tkj6i?>  to your
U.S. Senators, I urge you to invite 5 friends to join our cause
<http://ga3.org/campaign/endangeredspecies_senate/forward?source=nov17> .
Help us build a groundswell of grassroots opposition to the Pombo bill!




Invite your friends and family to protect endangered species today! 


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