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EPA's Office of Water has published a guide to watershed management to
help various organizations develop and implement watershed plans. The
Handbook for Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our
Waters is aimed toward communities, watershed groups, and local, state,
tribal, and federal environmental agencies.

The 414 page handbook is designed to take the user through each step of
the watershed planning process:

      watershed monitoring and assessment
      community outreach
      selection and application of available models
      best management practices
      effectiveness data bases
      plan adjustment

The handbook is intended to supplement existing watershed planning
guides that have been developed by agencies, universities, and other
nonprofit organizations. This handbook is more specific than other
guides about quantifying existing pollutant loads, developing estimates
of the load reductions required to meet water-quality standards,
developing effective management measures, and tracking progress once the
plan is implemented.

The handbook is available online at
You can order a free copy from the National Service Center for
Environmental Publications by calling 800-490-9198 or e-mail
ncepimal at one.net. When ordering, please refer to EPA document number:
EPA 841-B-05-005.

Please note as well that we have published several other major technical
documents for the control of NPS pollution on our web site during the
past 6 months, including 3 separate Management Measures Handbooks:
Urban Area, Forestry, and Wetlands and Riparian Areas.  These are
located at http://www.epa.gov/owow/nps/categories.html.  We also have a
new Section 319 Success Stories section on our web site, at


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