[env-trinity] Phones are down at Trinity Co. Planning/Building/Env Health and Airports

tstokely at trinityalps.net tstokely at trinityalps.net
Mon Feb 6 11:39:10 PST 2006


Just so you know, the phones at the Planning, Building, Environmental
Health and Airports went down last week when the power briefly went out in
Weaverville.  It also fried a part in our automated phone system.  We hope
to have it repaired shortly.

If you wish to contact anybody, it's best to send an e-mail with your
return phone number.  We can call out, but calling in is problematic, at
best.  E-mail works, though.

The e-mail address for Trinity Co. employees are
firstinitiallastname at trinitycounty.org.


Tom Stokely
Principal Planner
Trinity Co. Planning/Natural Resources
PO Box 2819
190 Glen Rd.
Weaverville, CA 96093-2819
530-623-1351, ext. 3407
FAX 623-1353
tstokely at trinityalps.net or tstokely at trinitycounty.org

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