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Slim pickings as season winds down 


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(The fishing report was cut by the moderator for this posting so that
Trinity River salmonid issues can be clearly shown)

Ed Duggan of Willow Creek, who represents guides, sportsmen and loggers,
reports that the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) is making Dam Safety Water
Releases. "This is because the water storage behind the dam is so close
to the overflow and we are expected to get more rain plus snow melt. He
goes on to say: 

"Well, the Pacific Fisheries Management Council (PFMC) has made the
biggest blunder of all time. Some how either the PFMC or their
staff/tech team made the recommendation that a recreational harvest for
KMZ Fall Salmon be made. On the surface this sounds great but the kicker
is that the In-river Sport Harvest would be reduced to 3 percent instead
of the normal 15 percent that we have always been assigned as our share
of the sport Fall Chinook harvest. 

"You may ask what does that do to us? A reduction from 15 percent to 3
percent of 4,000 Fall Chinook would allow us to fish for exactly one
half of one day before we reached our quota for the for the recreational
in-river sport harvest of Fall Chinook. If you take the normal split of
600 fish and divide it like the DFG had traditionally done the lower
Klamath would receive 60 Fall Chinook; the upper Klamath would receive
20 Fall Chinook; the lower Trinity would receive 20 Fall Chinook and the
upper Trinity 20 Fall Chinook. It is time we ALL sent letters or e-mails
to the chairman Donald Hansen of the PFMC and the chairman of the DFG
Commission Mike Flores. 

The recommended water flows for the Spring Flows: 

"The Trinity Management Council (TMC) recommended to the Bureau of
Reclamation) and the Secretary of Interior that the full 815,000
acre-feet for an Extremely Wet Year classification be released to
provide the best benefit to the fishery restoration of the Trinity
River. The TMC also recommends that the releases be delayed three days
before ascending to 2,000 cfs and another five days before starting the
flows." This would allow for some fishing in the Fly Fishing Only and
upper section of the Trinity up to May 5 before the Spring Flows start.
Until next time... 

(The following below is part of the article & is not a suggestion in any
way by the moderator)

Recommended E-mails be sent to: 

Mr. Donald Hansen, Chairman of PFMC pfmc.comments at noaa.gov 

Dear Chairman Hansen: 

The reduction from our normal 15% to 3% that the PFMC recommended for
In-River Chinook Harvest is a sham and will ruin the economy of the
North Coast and in-river communities. It will only allow for a half day
fishing season for the fall Chinook salmon. One hundred twenty fish is a
total disaster to the in-river fishery when it has to be divided into
four areas of the river basin. There is no way I would spend my time,
money and vacation to fish a half day in hopes of catching a salmon. 

Your name (any affiliation you my belong to) 

Your address and e-mail 


Mr. Michael Flores, president 

California Fish and Game Commission 

1416 Ninth Street 

Box 944244-2090 

Sacramento, CA 94244-2090 

Mflores at dfg.ca.gov 

Re: Klamath River Sports Allocation 2006 

Dear M. Flores: 

The reduction from 15% to 3% of the Klamath River Basin in-river sports
harvest is a travesty of the greatest proportions. How can we afford to
go fishing for one-half of one day? Not only would I not be able to
spend my money and vacation time in the hopes of catching a Chinook for
that short of time, but the communities I would visit or stay or shop in
would go bankrupt because no one would go fishing for salmon. 

Over the years the CFG Commission has consistently looked at a 10-20%
in-river harvest rate. A reduction to 3% from the usual 15% that the
PFMC proposes would be devastating to the sports community and the
communities that depend on us. 

I urge you to hold meetings in Crescent City and Weaverville to allow
the sportsmen to be heard. 

Your name, (affiliation) 

Address and e-mail 

Also send copies to Neil Manji nmanji at dfg.ca.gov 



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