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Yreka Fish and Wildlife Office

1829 South Oregon Street, Yreka, CA 96097


For Immediate Release

Contact: June 8, 2006

Gary Curtis - Ecosystem Restoration Team Leader

Phil Detrich- Field Supervisor

(530) 842-5763

Klamath River Basin Fisheries Task Force and Klamath Fishery Management

Council Joint Meeting in Yreka, California

The Klamath River Basin Fisheries Task Force (Task Force) and the Klamath Fishery Management Council

(Council) will meet at the Yreka Campus of the College of the Siskiyous, 2001 Campus Drive, Yreka, California, to

discuss issues related to the restoration of salmon and other anadromous fisheries in the Klamath River. The meeting

will take place on June 21, 2006, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; and June 22, 2006, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The meeting will include topics of interest to both advisory committees, including habitat restoration planning and

implementation in the Shasta, Scott, Salmon, Lower Klamath, and Middle Klamath sub-basins, and updates on the

current condition of the Klamath River and its anadromous fisheries. The committees will also discuss future habitat

restoration and harvest management information needs. On the afternoon of June 22, the Council will discuss a

variety of issues related to salmon harvest management.

The Task Force is a Federal advisory committee that assists the Secretary of Interior in the formulation, coordination,

and implementation of a 20-year program to restore the anadromous fisheries of the Klamath River Basin

Conservation Area. The Task Force membership includes representatives of the commercial salmon fishing

industry; the in-river sport fishing community; the Yurok, Karuk, Hoopa, and Klamath Tribes; Del Norte, Humboldt,

Trinity, Siskiyou, and Klamath Counties; the California Department of Fish and Game; Oregon Department of Fish

and Wildlife; U.S. Departments of the Interior and Agriculture; and the National Marine Fisheries Service.

The Council is a Federal advisory committee that makes recommendations to the Pacific Fishery Management

Council, Native American Tribes, and States on the harvest of salmon originating in the Klamath River Basin. The

members of the Council represent the commercial and recreational fishing industries, the Yurok and Hoopa Valley

Tribes, the States of Oregon and California, and Federal agencies.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend this meeting and offer comments and recommendations to the Task

Force and Council. For additional information, please contact Gary Curtis or Jennifer Silviera, at (530) 842-5763.



Joint Meeting of the Klamath River Basin Fisheries Task Force

and Klamath Fishery Management Council

June 21 - 22, 2006

College of the Siskiyous

Yreka, California

June 21, 2006

9:00 am 1. Convene and opening remarks. John Engbring, Chair. Vice Chair is Marcia


9:10 2. Introductions of Congressional staff in attendance

9:20 3. Business

a. Adoption of agenda

b. Approval of minutes from February, 2006, meeting

9:30 4. Brief review of last meeting actions/general correspondence/program update

(Gary Curtis)

9:45 5. Brief Updates and Announcements

a. Update on Shasta-Scott Incidental Take Permits (CDFG)

b. Update on NOAA coho recovery planning (NMFS)

c. Update on Klamath Hydroelectric Project Re-licensing (FWS)

d. FWS Conservation Partnerships Program (FWS)

10:15 6. Report from Klamath Watershed Coordination Group

a. Klamath Basin Compact Commission (Alice Kilham)

b. Upper Klamath Basin Working Group (Jim Carpenter)

c. Trinity Management Council (TF members)

10:45 Break

11:00 7. Report from the Technical Work Group (Petey Brucker)

11:30 8. Klamath Project Operations in 2006 and status of the Conservation

Implementation Program (Bureau of Reclamation)

12:00 9. Public comment

12:15 Lunch

1:30 pm 10. Panel discussion with Sub-basin Coordinators-Retrospective and Prognosis

for Fisheries Restoration (Sub-basin Coordinators)

2:30 Break

2:45 11. Accomplishments Report review and approval (Staff/Petey)

3:30 12. Systems Impact Assessment Model (SIAM; Sharon Campbell, USGS)

4:00 13. Public comment

4:15 Recess

6:30 - 9:00 pm Social Gathering, Greenhorn Park

June 22, 2006

8:00 am 14. Klamath River Anadromous Fish Status Report (Rebecca Quinones, USFS)

8:30 15. Fish Health Working Group and 2006 disease update

9:00 16. Information on 2006 salmon season (CDFG)

9:15 17. Public comment

9:30 Break

9:45 18. The future beyond the Task Force. What’s next?

10:45 19. Public comment

11:00 20. Recap and conclusions

Task Force Adjourn; Council to continue after lunch

11:30 Lunch

1:00 pm 21. Update on the salmon fisheries disaster declaration process

1:15 22. Update on California Fish and Game Commission actions

1:30 23. Update on future fisheries/habitat restoration funding in the Klamath basin

(Phil Detrich)

1:45 24. Klamath Fisheries Management Post-Klamath Act

2:45 25. Proposed Fishery Management Plan Amendment # 15 (de minimis fisheries)

3:45 26. Public comment

4:00 27. Report on the Technical Advisory Team's "Tribal/non-Tribal report card"


4:15 28. Approval of March and April, 2006, KFMC minutes

4:30 Adjourn
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