[env-trinity] Klamath River ALERT From Keith Parker

Josh Allen jallen at trinitycounty.org
Tue Jul 10 13:41:53 PDT 2007

Here's an alarming letter I just got from Keith Parker in Requa about  
the high water temperatures now occurring on the lower Klamath River.


Hi Dan,

The salmon have showed up very late but in large numbers.  We are  
knocking the heck out them in the estuary but upriver the large  
amount of moss and grass from the warm upriver water is making  
SOMETHING ISN'T DONE IMMEDIATELY!  They cut our flows again which  
raised the water temperature even more.  Unbelievably, the water  
temperature at midnight this morning hit 76.2 degrees F according to  
the real-time data from the Klamath Sensor Station (KNK) a few miles  
upriver from the mouth.  As of 11:30 AM the sensor temp has cooled a  
little but still 73.3 degrees F.  See the attached ten day  
temperature graph.  This may become another lethal event for these  
salmon just now entering the river.  Some guides are reporting  
hooking 13 and landing 10 salmon in the estuary, so the salmon are  
coming in thick. We need help now!  Everyone needs to get on the  

Keith Parker
Yurok Tribal Member
Requa, CA
(for more info) Tel: 707-799-8771

Here are some phone numbers:
Jeff McCracken - Bureau of Reclamation, Public affairs - Tel:  
916-978-5100 or 5101
Pablo Arroyave, BOR Area Manager, Klamath Basin - Tel: 541-883-6935
Christine Karas - Bureau of Reclamation, Klamath Falls - Tel:  

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