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Fish funding falters
John Driscoll/The Times-Standard
Article Launched: 09/14/2007 04:15:31 AM PDT

Despite a late-night run to get fish restoration funds for the North Coast, the area's state legislators were unable to get the bill passed before the clock ran out. 

The bill that carried the $5.3 million in Proposition 84 funds got through the Assembly, but the Senate closed up shop before hearing the matter. 

”It was a long shot,” said Eureka Democratic Assemblywoman Patty Berg's Chief of Staff Will Shuck. “We had to make this attempt.” 

Shuck said that the bill died for lack of time, not for any policy reason. 

Santa Rosa Democratic Sen. Pat Wiggins added the language to the Senate bill. 

The legislation would have provided the money to the state Department of Fish and Game's Fisheries Restoration Grant Program. It was half the amount the program was seeking, but the funds got tied up earlier in a fight over regulations issued by the Board of Forestry. 

The money leverages federal funds, and most of the money from the program has historically gone to the North Coast. 

Shuck said that the next step will be to try to get the money inserted into the budget as a clause in January, when the Legislature reconvenes
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