[env-trinity] Weir Trap Numbers

Byron Leydecker bwl3 at comcast.net
Mon Oct 1 10:56:13 PDT 2007

The following and attachment are courtesy of Wade Sinnen.


Attached are spreadsheets containing trapping data for two main stem weirs
and Trinity River Hatchery.  As a reminder, we only trap a portion of the
runs at the two weir sites (5 - 10%) and thus trapping totals do not
constitute the entire run passing these sites.  Hatchery totals reflect the
fish processed and do not include fish being held for ripening.


Wade Sinnen

Associate Biologist

Trinity River Project

CA Dept. of Fish and Game 



Byron Leydecker

Friends of Trinity River, Chair

California Trout, Inc., Advisor

PO Box 2327

Mill Valley, CA 94942-2327

415 383 4810 

415 519 4810 cell

bwl3 at comcast.net

bleydecker at stanfordalumni.org






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