[env-trinity] Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Information

Michael Belchik mbelchik at snowcrest.net
Wed Jan 16 15:09:20 PST 2008

The main points:  

There are two agreements, one of which was released yesterday, and one yet
to be completed.  This is because part of the agreement contemplated actions
under FERC jurisdiction, such as dam removal, and part of it contemplated
actions not under FERC, such as limitations to agricultural deliveries.  

The agreement released yesterday is not effective unless an agreement is
reached to remove dams from the Klamath River.  

The summary document has a concise picture of what happens.  

Here's some important points from a fishery perspective:  

1.	brings about the removal of four large Hydroelectric Project dams on
the Klamath River in what will be the largest dam removal project in US
2.	restores fish access to areas of cold water in the Upper Klamath
Basin, which is a key element of protection in a warming climate;
3.	improves flows beyond what we have seen in the past four decades;
4.	brings about restoration of vast areas of wetlands and ranchlands in
the Upper Basin which will improve water quantity and quality for anadromous
fish and their habitats;

There are other provisions for other parties having to do with power prices,
county funding, etc. that can be found in the summary or in the agreement
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