[env-trinity] Crane accident

Josh Allen jallen at trinitycounty.org
Fri Jan 25 11:45:06 PST 2008

FYI:  on Wed. a 30-ton crane came off a low boy on one of the tight 25
mph curves near Salyer on 299.  The crane landed 1000 feet below in the
river.  The F & G Warden and members of the local fire department used
the department's hovercraft to access the site.  They pulled the crane's
gas tank out of the water and patched it to prevent more leaking.  They
estimated that only 10 gallons of fuel entered the river and have
absorbent booms and pads in place.  I'm confident they are doing what is
necessary and what is possible based on this tricky site at the base of
a cliff.


Today they have a 200-ton crane coming to pull it up, but CalTrans said
no to that because the highway is too unstable. So they're planning to
pull it across the river, yes across the river, and out through some
private property that isn't such a cliff.


It might be on KRCR channel 7 if they make it over there.


And that's the news today!

Peter Hedtke 

TC Environmental Health Director


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