[env-trinity] TAMWG meeting March 10-11

Arnold Whitridge awhitridge at snowcrest.net
Tue Mar 4 15:27:26 PST 2008

Trinity minders,

Here's the draft agenda for the March 10-11 meeting of the Trinity Adaptive 
Management Working Group.  All TAMWG meetings are open to the public. 
Please note: while developing this agenda, I assumed that a requested 
discussion about reservoir carryover storage could take place under Item 8, 
but I've already received suggestions to make the discussion a  separate 
item.  Tom Stokely has agreed to be prepared with a presentation, and at 
the beginning of the meeting the group can decide whether and how to fit it 
into the agenda.  I propose that it be inserted between Items 8 and 9 below.

Arnold Whitridge, TAMWG chair

Draft Agenda
Victorian Inn (large room), 1709 Main Street, Weaverville, CA
  March 10 and 11, 2008

          Time           Presentation, Discussion, and/or Action 
on:     Presenter

Monday, March 10

1.    1:00 pm    Adopt agenda; approve January minutes

2.      1:10    Open forum; public comment

3.      1:20    Statewide Watersheds Program    Dennis Bowker,
                         Dept of Conservation

4.      2:00    TRRP Watersheds Program Dave Gaeuman

5.      3:00    FY 2009 TRRP Budget     Doug Schleusner

6.      4:30    Executive Director's Report     Doug Schleusner

7.      4:45    Designated Federal Officer Topics       Randy Brown

         5:00    Adjourn for the day

Tuesday, March 11

8.      8:30    Trinity River Flow Schedule for 2008    Rod Wittler

9.      9:30    Interactions between wild and hatchery fish     Nina Hemphill

10.     10:30   Gravel Management calculations and estimates    Dave Gaeuman

11.     11:00   Recommendations to the Trinity Management Council

12.     11:45   Tentative date and agenda topics for next meeting

         12:00   Adjourn

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