[env-trinity] Resigning from Trinity County

Josh Allen jallen at trinitycounty.org
Wed Jun 25 17:50:01 PDT 2008

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Trinity River Enthusiasts,  


It is with both great sadness and excitement that I inform you that my
last day working for the County of Trinity under Tom Stokely on Trinity
River restoration will be July 11th. 


I have been offered, and accepted, a position as an Environmental
Analyst with EDAW Inc. in Sacramento. (http://www.edaw.com/) I will be
working on implementing a variety of large projects as a member or their
Ecosystem Restoration Practice Group preparing CEQA documents, assisting
with regulatory permitting issues, performing project coordination and
assistant project management duties, and participating in other natural
resources tasks on a wide variety of projects, including flood
management, water supply, land management, and ecosystem restoration
projects. This is an excellent opportunity for me that I can't pass up.


My time here working on Trinity River restoration has allowed for growth
and experience within my career field that would not been available had
I began it in a much larger area. In October 2004 my career began here
after graduating Humboldt State University with a B.S in Natural
Resources Planning with the replacement of the Poker Bar, Salt Flat, and
Bigger's bridges. Since that time I have been involved in many of the
rehabilitation projects, most recently with the Indian Creek
Rehabilitation Project in which I wrote grants bringing in $700k for
that project from DFG's Fishery Restoration Grant Program and EPA's
Targeted Watershed Grant program (coordinated with the Yuroks & TCRCD).
Also noteworthy is my management of the Potable Water & Sewage
Assistance Program working with the Trinity River restoration Program to
replace landowners wells & septic systems affected by Fishery Flows,
which I am buttoning down to ensure its completion after my departure.
But the project I think I will have the fondest memories of working on
is the Lewiston Hatchery Interpretative Kiosk with a panel of
multi-agency representatives. 


I shall miss working on the Trinity River and with the great agency
staff working on the same objective. But this is a step in the right
direction for my career and I can only look at the last 3.5 years as a
dream job working on a subject matter that I studied while in college. 


Though I shall be up here in the spring to make use of the Fishery Flow
for whitewater rafting - so if you see a 10' SOTAR on the water at
4,000cfs; it's probably me. I hope to keep in touch with many of you
that I have met and worked with here in Trinity over the years. Who
knows, I may be back here marketing my firm's services to the area and
bidding on projects. 


And for those of you living in the Bay-Delta area I hope to meet you,
talk about California's water problems, and do some fishing out on the


Therefore, I bid you adieu', and take my exit stage left... 


Joshua Allen

Associate Planner, Trinity County 

Department of Long Range Planning & Natural Resources

PO Box 1445

60 Glen Road

Weaverville, CA 96093

Phone: (530)623-1458

Fax: (530)623-1646

E-mail: jallen at trinitycounty.org <mailto:jallen at trinitycounty.org>  




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