[env-trinity] Looking for work

Joshua Allen trinityjosh at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 10:08:52 PDT 2008

Well, I figured I let you all know that the position with EDAW did not work
out due to a clash with their "Corporate Culture"; which came as a result of
me not being happy about the move to the Sac area with no relocation
assistance, the drastic change in my environment, the commute, the very
small amount of money I was making over Trinity County, and I just wasn't
feeling it being a corporate clone. So now I'm collecting unemployment...

Anyways, I'm in Stockton now looking for work, but also looking for an
opportunity that will be interesting, satisfying, which does something good
for the earth and it's people, while not selling my soul to the highest
corporate bidder. So far all I can seem to find are positions in large
consulting firms, which I'm not interested in.

Though, I am interested in doing volunteer work for now on the Bay-Delta,
since I'm here, and currently have nothing else to do with myself.

My resume is attached if anybody cares to review it. I can be reached at
trinityjosh at gmail.com. Thanks.

Joshua Allen
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