[env-trinity] Wish me luck!

Joshua Allen trinityjosh at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 18:46:15 PST 2009

Just FYI: I was called up by the Yurok Tribe and asked to specifically apply
for a transportation planner position within a Transportation Department
they are starting up. After a few weeks of waiting I heard back from them
last Friday, and now have a interview with them this Thursday for that

This is the first interview I have been called for since being laid off last
August and is a great opportunity to not only learn and work for a tribal
entity; but also get back up north out of Stockton, get back to work on my
career, and also work on a second bachleor degree in environmental
engineering (just need major courses since most of my core is already done
inder the Natural Resources Planning major at Humboldt)

So wish me luck, I shall need it!

Joshua Allen

P.S. Tom, Susie, Pat, Diana, Ed, anyone at TRRP, Dave H., & Tim if you are
asked about me, this is what it is in refernce to.
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