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February 25, 2009

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Alliance of Forest Workers and Harvesters is pleased to announce that at the beginning of March Carl Wilmsen will assume leadership of the organization as the executive director. Having served on the board of directors for the past five years, Carl is no stranger to the Alliance. His experience on the board provides him with deep familiarity with the Alliances actions and goals, and strong enthusiasm for its mission. Carl has been an exemplary board member, not only by maintaining a level-headedness through pressures, but also by bringing aboard a new board member with different, but very relevant, knowledge, skills and networks that have contributed positively to the AFWH. Carl comes to his new position with a broad set of skills. For the past eight years he managed the Community Forestry and Environmental Research Partnerships at the University of California, Berkeley, where he focused on training graduate students, faculty and community members throughout the United States in the principles and practice of participatory research. He has also evaluated sustainable agriculture programs, worked as an oral historian, studied conflict over management of U.S. public lands, and (before college) worked as an apple picker and orchard hand, landscape laborer, school bus driver, and truck driver. A strong supporter of worker rights, Carl has, except for periods when he lived in right-to-work states, held union membership since he first started working. The board of directors is looking forward to working with Carl in building on past successes.With his combination of experience and his knowledge and familiarity with the AFWH he is uniquely suited to take over this position and the AFWH is extremely fortunate to welcome him.

At this time the board would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Denise Smith for the exemplary job she has done as the Alliances executive director for the past six years. The AFWH has been truly blessed to have her as our leader. Denise has worked tirelessly in organizing workers, facilitating mushroom monitoring, educating policy makers about worker rights and current working conditions, and assuring enforcement of labor laws. Under Denises leadership, the organization has matured to have an effective voice in the decisions that shape the everyday realities of forest workers and harvesters. Her participation in and monitoring of Community Based Forestry have been invaluable. She gained the respect and admiration of our membership, constituency of workers and harvesters and other grassroots folks and organization.From Latino contract forest workers, to SE Asian and other race mushroom harvesters, to Native American NTFP cultural harvesters, she is recognized as someone who is always accessible, willing and able to address their needs and concerns. She has brought hope to those who never believed that anyone would be interested.She always treats everyone with respect and dignity, acknowledges and respects cultural customs and differences and thereby helped to establish the AFWH as a trusted and respected organization. We sincerely appreciate Denises dedication, hard work, leadership, and the good humor and sincerity she brings to every task. Fortunately, we do not have to say we will miss her, because she will stay involved with the Alliance as a board member and as a leader of specific projects.

For the month of March 2009 our contact information will remain the same.We will notify you of the changes before they take place in April 2009.Please join us in a smooth transition period.

Marko Bey, President


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