[env-trinity] Navy EIS for Training within Klamath Salmon Run Ocean Habitat - March 11 deadline for comments

Joshua Allen trinityjosh at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 00:10:52 PST 2009

You may find this interesting, or not. But the Navy is planning on doing a
bunch of testing and training within the areas that the Klamath salmon
fishery is located.

It seems, from a brief glossing over of the 1,000+ page Draft Environmental
Impact Statement (EIS), is that the Navy is planning on war-games involving
submarines, subsurface explosives, and a wide range of different action
under a ruling of "No Significant Impact".

If you look at the website and much of the "easy read" literature devised
for the public, there are a lot of pictures of wildlife to show that they
are thinking about effects to wildlife (really?), and lots of patriotic
slogans to make one think that it has to be done.

Maybe you don't care, maybe you think that your patriotic duty is just to
let it be.

*But maybe you may be thinking, "How is this going to affect our fishery
&/or my way of life?" That probably is a good question and you may want to
comment on this document.
Well, if you have any comments to make on this document, you better do it
soon, as *you only have 5 days remaining to comment*, and this document was
not widely advertised to the public. In California there was a public
scoping meeting held Monday February 2 at the Eureka Women’s Club. Did you
hear.know about it? If not, you did now.

The website for this EIS is here:

The EIS documents can be found here:

You can comment here: http://www.nwtrangecomplexeis.com/NtrcCommentForm.aspx
or   http://www.nwtrangecomplexeis.com/NtrcCommentForm.aspx

Good luck!
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