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CSPA Action Alert 8.15.09



This Monday and Tuesday are fast becoming the two most important days of
this year for the future of the Delta. The Million Boat Float Rally,
scheduled for 11:00 am, Monday, August 17th is the most visible  way that we
can show our support for the Delta and our opposition to the governor's
peripheral canal.  You don't need a boat to participate in the rally, just
come to the north steps of the Capitol at 11:00 am and be counted. 


If 500 people show up, we'll be noticed, if a thousand show up we'll be
considered and if two thousand show up, we'll be a force to be reckoned
with. If you work in Sacramento take the two hours off. If you live out of
town, call your fishing friends and carpool. If you're a  Conservation
Director for your fishing club, get your phone tree started and have your
club people turn out. If you're married, bring your spouse. If you have
kids,  bring them. Tell your neighbor you'll buy him/her lunch, but be


Tuesday is just as important as Monday. On Tuesday the Assembly Water, Parks
and Wildlife Committee and the Senate Natural Resources Committee will
conduct a joint hearing on the package of five Delta bills. Passage of these
bills as they are currently written would give the governor complete control
of the delta's future and the construction of a peripheral canal. If we care
about the future of the Delta we can't allow this to happen. You presence
will let the legislature know that you will not stand for this backroom
dealing and abdication of legislative responsibility. 


Don't give up on our Delta now. Although it is stressed and badly damaged,
it is possible, with our commitment, to bring it back to health. Atlantic
Salmon now swim past the Cathedral of Notre Dame in the Seine and upstream
past castles on the Rhine after being absent since World War One. It's taken
ninety years to bring them back. Let's not wait ninety years, let's start
our Delta's recovery NOW! 


Bill Jennings, CSPA Executive Director



Byron Leydecker, JcT

Chair, Friends of Trinity River

PO Box 2327

Mill Valley, CA 94942-2327

415 383 4810 land

415 519 4810 cell

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