[env-trinity] [FOTR] Tom Stokely - Friends of Trinity River, and Byron too!

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Thanks, Spreck, and Byron has been like few others in his advocacy for our  
rivers, and particularly the Trinity!  The Endangered Species Coalition  
recognized Byron last year with our wildlife stewardship award for his work on 
 the Trinity.  We had a special reception and ceremony in Sebastopol, at 
the  home of one of our Board members.  He's a special guy!
Mark Rockwell
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Congratulations to Tom and FOTR for making  an obvious and great 
partnership official.
And, by the way all you folks out there in  cyberspace, do we all 
appreciate what a champion for the river Byron has  been? 

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It's a genuine  pleasure to let you know that Tom Stokely has become a 
member of the board of  directors of Friends of Trinity River.   
Tom's  knowledge of the Trinity, of all of the facts about the river and 
related  issues from pre-dam to present day, and its various restoration 
programs and  efforts for more than two decades is unparalleled.  He also has 
played a  significant role in many of the various restoration programs' 
activities and  of the activities leading up to significant decisions affecting the 
river's  restoration including the Interior Secretary's December 2000 
Record of  Decision that returned 47 percent of the river's water to  it. 
Tom's service  on FOTR's board enhances our resources and will benefit our 
efforts to achieve  a restored Trinity River basin ecosystem, its fisheries, 
its wildlife and its  economy for you, for me and for all future 
Byron  Leydecker, JcT 
Chair,  Friends of Trinity River 
PO Box  2327 
Mill Valley,  CA 94942-2327 
415 383 4810  land 
415 519 4810  cell 
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