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Stop the Delta Bills!

With the state budget now held together with bobby pins and paper clips, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has turned to arm-twisting the Legislature to pass bills that would establish another new water agency, the Delta Stewardship Council, to govern water rights and environmental conditions in the Delta. The Council—a majority of whose members would be appointed by the Governor—would in turn appoint a Delta watermaster, under the proposed legislation, who would have sweeping new powers over the Delta region and its ecology.

“AB 1 and SB 1 create the path to the Peripheral Canal,’” says Carolee Krieger, president and executive director of the California Water Impact Network, “It means life or death for several important salmon species and for thousands of farmers there.”

“The governor is doing an end run around the people and fisheries of the Delta and around California voters to get these projects up and running,” says Tom Stokely, C-WIN board member and water policy coordinator. “But we’ve sent a letter telling the Legislature that there is no new water for these projects. If they get funded and built, it would be an ecological and economic catastrophe for the Delta and for all of California.”

The letter may be obtained online at www.c-win.org <http://lists.sunnydayonline.com/lt.php?id=eh8EBQRTBksCCkQABlU%3D> .

The Delta bills would benefit primarily western San Joaquin Valley growers, junior priority water contractors who are using low water allocations and endangered species court decisions as opportunities to finance a misleading "fish vs. farmers" publicity campaign managed by the notorious propaganda PR firm Burston Marsteller, The Governor visits the area frequently to show support, and recently vowed to get them new dams. 

“The canal and new dams would essentially be ‘subprime’ projects,” says Stokely, calling up the recent specter of America’s financial meltdown, “intended to supply water to low-priority growers. Doing this would take water away from other more senior water users up and down the Central Valley, provoking lawsuits everywhere.”

“The time is now,” urges Krieger, “to call your legislator immediately and urge them to vote no on all of the Delta bills.”


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