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Subject: TRRP Sawmill Site under construction


Trinity River Permitters and Enthusiasts - 


I am happy to announce that the Sawmill Project is under construction now!
The contractor, Erick Ammon, Inc.  is on-site and will be doing "in-channel"
work until September 15, 2009.  They're processing gravel from BLM managed
lands on the left bank of the river and will be placing gravel bars in the
Cemetery Hole area.   Use caution if you're boating through.  


After September 15 construction work will focus on floodplain, upland, and
revegetation until finished.  


Thanks for all the help we received in meeting the environmental and
permitting requirements for this project.  In particular thanks to our CEQA
lead, the Water Quality Control Board, and their staff members - Dean Prat
and Samantha Olson, for completing the Master EIR.   The Programmatic CEQA
document is available at:
http://www.trrp.net/implementation/remainingP1.htm .



Best Regards - 


Brandt Gutermuth

Environmental Specialist

Trinity River Restoration Program

PO Box 1300, 1313 S Main St

Weaverville, CA  96093

530.623.1806 (voice)

530.623.5944 (fax)





>From the Trinity Journal  - 


Sawmill (Cemetery Hole) Channel Rehabilitation Project to Start 
In-River Construction 

This Week


In-River Construction starts the week of August 24 at the Sawmill Channel
Rehabilitation Project on the Trinity River.  The Project will use heavy
equipment to create alternating gravel bars and to reconnect the Trinity
River with its floodplain along portions of approximately 2 miles of river
between the old bridge in Lewiston and the Rush Creek boat launch, near
Cemetery Hole.  The Project will increase juvenile salmonid rearing habitat
and will add coarse sediment (gravel) made from locally processed excavation
and tailings material.  In-river work will be completed by September 15,
2009 while floodplain construction activities will continue until finished
in the fall.


Boaters are cautioned to be aware of construction equipment that may be
working in the river between
August 24 and September 15 


This project is being implemented under direction of the Trinity River
Restoration Program (TRRP) and the California Regional Water Quality Control
Board, North Coast Region (Regional Water Board).  


For more information on the TRRP, visit our website at: http://www.trrp.net/
for project details visit:
http://www.trrp.net/implementation/remainingP1.htm or contact Mr. Brandt
Gutermuth at the TRRP, at 530-623-1806 or bgutermuth at mp.usbr.gov
ttings\DraftCnyn\bgutermuth at mp.usbr.gov> .




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