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Good Morning

Below is an ultra-urgent action alert from Robert Johnson of Californians Against the Canal that I urge you to participate in RIGHT NOW to stop the Delta water package and $12 billion water bond from going through the Legislature today. Below that is a link to my article on alternet.org about the Grassroots Uprising against Senator Darrell Steinberg's mad rush to push the water bill through the Legislature. Circulate this alert widely!


This $12.4 billion bond bill - yes - General Obligation Bond bill -- is just not what California needs now. Not only does the bill provide no explicit protections for the estuary, this give the Governor power to appoint ALL 7 Delta Stewardship Council Members! This group has the power of Kings. The bill will elevate junior water rights holders in the desert - the west side of the San Joaquin Valley from Los Banos all the way to Bakersfield -- to equal those of people and farms proximate to the SF Bay Delta! This is a rushed bond package that was heavily influenced by lobbyists for the BILLIONAIRE water districts, Westlands Water District, Delta Mendota Water Authority, and the Kern County Water Authority, who just booked a $77 million water sale and profited most of $. Please take 3 minutes and follow instructions below email ALL assembly and senate members. Thanks!


Oppose Delta Water Package and $12 Billion Water Bond
Send letters to all legislators with 6 easy clicks
Restore the Delta, CSPA, Californians against the Canal and others are asking you to take special action on behalf of protecting the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and San Francisco Bay.

Dear Friends,

Whether you are a concerned citizen, environmentalist, Delta farmer, member of the SF Bay Delta business community, commercial/recreational fisherman-gal or outdoor sports enthusiast, the current water policy and bond package if implemented will deal the final death blow to the our beloved Delta, the largest estuary in the western hemisphere.

The vote on these crucially important matters is hours away. That is why we are asking each and every one of you to send the following letter drafted by the Environmental Water Caucus to our California Assembly and Senate members.

The text of the letter can be found at the following clicks. You need to fill it out six times to send to all of California's legislators.� Please do this!

Thank you for your ongoing support.



Robert Johnson, Jr.
Californians against the Canal

Push for Peripheral Canal in California Ignites Grassroots Uprising�
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