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For Immediate Release: September 30, 2009

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Republicans vote against expanded water supply 

for drought-stricken California

Attempt to score political points delays House passage of 

non-controversial bill to provide enough water for 24,000 households


WASHINGTON, DC - Rep. George Miller (D-Martinez) issued the following
statement after congressional Republicans voted against his
non-controversial legislation to provide alternative water supplies to


"When it comes to providing clean water to California, congressional
Republicans have now shown their true colors. The legislation that the House
voted on today would supply California with much-needed funding for
alternative water supplies -- but congressional Republicans just said no. 


"The water projects authorized in this bill will provide 2.6 billion gallons
of water per year for drought-stricken California, adding enough water to
the system to meet the needs of 24,225 households. But 169 Republicans voted
against it. 


"Instead, congressional Republicans decided to pull the same old political
games and showed a complete lack of understanding of the issues at hand -
the measure they defeated today could have added significant water supplies
to California's Central Valley Project system.


"California is in the third year of a serious drought and we're putting an
inordinate amount of pressure on the Bay-Delta and on the water system as a
whole. Finding solutions for these issues are too important for political


"We will bring up the bill again and pass it, but Rep. Nunes and his fellow
obstructionists have delayed progress for California water issues - they
have voted against jobs for Californians, they have voted against expanding
water supplies, they have voted against developing new technology, and they
have voted against expanding our economy. They have nothing to offer
California but partisan stunts. They may have delayed this bill, but they
will not defeat it."


H.R. 2442, the Bay Area Regional Water Recycling Program Expansion Act of
2009, builds on a successful partnership that Congress has already
authorized - adding six additional water recycling projects for the Bay Area
that would provide 7.2 million gallons of water per day. Water recycling
projects allow local water managers to treat wastewater and use the clean,
recycled water for landscape irrigation and other uses, including at golf
courses, and city parks.


For more information on the bill, go to:



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