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Jan. 29, 2010 


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MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force Chair and California Department of Fish and Game
Director Announce North Coast Regional Stakeholder Group 

The diverse cross-interest group of marine stakeholders will meet Feb. 8-9
in Eureka 

SACRAMENTO - The MLPA Initiative and California Department of Fish and Game
(DFG) today announced the appointment of the MLPA North Coast Regional
Stakeholder Group. The 31-member, cross-interest group (list attached) will
provide local expertise and knowledge to improve the design and management
of the north coast portion of a statewide network of marine protected areas

"These outstanding individuals each bring first-hand knowledge of the marine
resources along the north coast," said DFG Director John McCamman. "I am
confident that as a group they will successfully integrate the diverse
interests of their constituents into a science-based proposal that improves
our management of California's ocean environment." 

Collectively, the stakeholder group members represent broad interests and
perspectives from the state's north coast region, from the border with
Oregon to the Point Arena area in Mendocino County. The stakeholder group
includes, among others, representatives of recreational angling and diving
groups, tribes, commercial fishing and other ocean-dependent business
interests, ports and harbors, conservation groups, educational and research
interests, and government agencies. 

Under the guidance of a blue ribbon task force, the stakeholder group is
responsible for working with a science advisory team and MLPA staff to
evaluate existing marine protected areas within the north coast study region
in relation to the goals of the MLPA and to develop alternative MPA
proposals that meet the act's requirements. Individual stakeholders will
also conduct outreach to constituent groups to encourage public involvement
in the project. 

"I look forward to working with this unique and diverse group of ocean
enthusiasts," said Cindy Gustafson, chair of the MLPA Blue Ribbon Task
Force. "Their interest in and dedication to this process will make certain
that we successfully maximize ocean protections for future generations while
minimizing short-term socioeconomic impacts to the north coast community." 

The first meeting of the stakeholder group will be held Monday, Feb. 8 and
Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010 at the Red Lion Inn, 1929 Fourth Street in Eureka. 

>From Feb. to Nov. 2010 the NCRSG will meet approximately seven times in
two-day meetings, including a combination of formal plenary meetings and
informal work sessions, in various locations throughout the study region.
Plenary meetings are open to the public and videotaped for simultaneous
webcasting and later viewing on the Internet. Members of the public are
encouraged to participate in a number of ways; they also will have
opportunities to provide comments on evolving MPA proposals and other
elements of the process. 

"The appointment of the regional stakeholder group marks the next phase of
the north coast MPA planning process," said Ken Wiseman, MLPA Initiative
executive director. "It brings together the initial MPA ideas already
generated by community groups as well as other interested members of the
public to further refine and improve upon them." 

The MLPA Initiative's MPA planning process began in 2009 with initial
outreach and then the development of draft external MPA arrays from
community groups. The first-round draft MPA arrays developed by community
groups, and subsequent science evaluations, will be used to help inform the
stakeholder group as it begins its work in the next two phases of developing
alternative MPA proposals in this science-based, stakeholder-driven process.

In Oct. 2009, the California Department of Fish and Game appointed the MLPA
Master Plan Science Advisory Team (SAT), which is comprised of 21 scientists
with a variety of expertise in marine life protection, the use of MPAs as a
management tool, underwater ecosystems found in California waters, water
quality and other related subjects, most with specific expertise to the
north coast region. 

The SAT is charged with providing scientific advice to the regional
stakeholder group regarding issues such as MPA placement, size and habitat
considerations. The SAT will further support the process reviewing draft
documents and addressing scientific questions raised through the planning

The California Natural Resources Agency and DFG have partnered with the
Resources Legacy Fund Foundation and others in an initiative to help achieve
the MLPA goals. The MLPA directs the state to reevaluate and redesign
California's system of MPAs to increase coherence and effectiveness in
protecting the state's marine life and habitats, marine ecosystems and
marine natural heritage, as well as to improve recreational, educational and
study opportunities provided by marine ecosystems subject to minimal human
disturbance. The MLPA also requires that the best readily-available science
be used in the redesign process, as well as the advice and assistance of
scientists, resource managers, experts, stakeholders and members of the

California is taking a regional approach to redesigning MPAs along its 1,100
mile coastline, and has divided the state into five study regions; the MLPA
North Coast Study Region, extending from the California border with Oregon
to Alder Creek near Point Arena in Mendocino County, is the fourth of the
five study regions to undergo the MPA planning process. 

The MLPA Initiative's north coast MPA planning process is expected to be
completed in December 2010, when the MLPA Blue Ribbon task Force will
present its recommendations to the California Fish and Game Commission, the
decision-making body under the MLPA. 

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