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9am  Forum with Dave Iverson
Feinstein and Salmon
Twelve Democratic lawmakers have written Senator Dianne Feinstein urging her
to withdraw her proposal to temporarily divert more water from the
California Delta to Central Valley for farming. The lawmakers say pumping
more water south would seriously endanger salmon populations. Farmers
maintain that they need the water to save jobs. Guests joining our
discussion include Mike Taugher, environment reporter for the Contra Costa

10am  Forum with Dave Iverson
Joel Kotkin
The Obama administration is waging war against suburbia, according to author
and futurist Joel Kotkin. Senator Scott Brown's recent victory in
Massachusetts, Kotkin says, reflects a broader suburban revolt against an
"urban-centric regime." The history and future of the American suburb is one
of the subjects of Kotkin's new book, "The Next Hundred Million: America in
2050." Kotkin is a distinguished presidential fellow in urban futures at
Chapman University in Orange, California and a columnist for Forbes Magazine
whose other books include "The City: A Global History."



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