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Richard Rockwell raghorn at wildblue.net
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In a word:  disgusting.

Sounds more like they're enjoying magic mushrooms than the Magic Kingdom.

R.W. Rockwell, Ph.D.
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>   1. Magic Kingdom Meets Water Barons' Sleight-of-Hand (Dan Bacher)
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>        Sleight-of-Hand
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> Magic Kingdom Meets Water Barons' Sleight-of-Hand
> by Dan Bacher
> A trip to Disneyland is always fun, right?
> Maybe not... that's if you have to listen to a comedian/grower,
> southern California water agency hacks and others talk about the need
> to export more water from the California Delta at the expense of
> imperiled Central Valley salmon, Delta smelt and other fish
> populations by building a peripheral canal and new dams.
> "On May 14, you could take a working vacation to attend the 3rd
> Annual OC (Orange County) Water Summit at the Grand Californian Hotel
> at the Disneyland Resort," quipped Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla,
> campaign director of Restore the Delta.
> The event, entitled "Capture the Flow," is sponsored by the
> Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA). "California
> continues to confront significant challenges to its water future ? an
> outdated water system, severe water supply shortages due to drought,
> and regulatory restrictions on water deliveries," the event's press
> release proclaims. "Our water delivery system was built a generation
> ago to meet the needs of 16 million people ? it now strains to meet
> the needs of 38 million. Business owners, policy makers, and
> community leaders need information and resources to continue to
> thrive." (http://www.acwa.com/events/2010-orance-county-water-summit-
> capture-flow)
> The speakers are Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez; Paul Rodriguez
> ("actor, comedian, and water activist"); Joel Kotkin, author of "The
> Next Hundred Million: America in 2050"; Robert Boller, Vice President
> of Sustainability for Kendall-Jackson Winery; and Curt Schmute
> ("expert on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta").
> "Mr. Schmute acquired his expertise on the Delta as the Principal
> Engineer and Water Resources Manager for Metropolitan Water
> District," said Barrigan-Parrilla.
> "The cost is $125," said Barrigan-Parrilla. "Of course, you might not
> want to pay $125 to hear Paul Rodriguez tell you why agribusiness
> needs more water."
> Rodriguez, a comedian and San Joaquin Valley fruit grower, is the
> spokesperson for the Latino Water Coalition, an astroturf group
> serving as a front for corporate agribusiness. The group was formed
> at the suggestion of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger during a meeting
> with agribusiness interests. The group has relentlessly lobbied for a
> peripheral canal and new dams and more water exports for the San
> Joaquin Valley's Corporate Welfare Queens.
> In a bizzare incident last week, Rodriguez claimed that
> Schwarzenegger had appointed him to the California Water Commission,
> a claim that Schwarzenegger denied.
> "When Paul Rodriguez announced last week, prematurely, that he had
> been appointed to the California Water Commission, he may have
> inadvertently tipped off environmentalist and Senate Democrats to get
> ready for battle," according to Malcolm Maclachlan in the Capitol
> Weekly (http://www.capitolweekly.net/article.php?
> _c=ytltxbaky694ql&xid=ytjvqjzz05x81o&done=.ytltxbaky6x4ql).
> For more information about the Latino Water Coalition, read Lloyd
> Carter's excellent article: http://www.lloydgcarter.com/content/
> 090629251_the-pr-firm-from-hell. More information is also available
> at: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?
> title=California_Latino_Water_Coalition.
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