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NO on Proposition 18

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June 29, 2010
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Statement from No on the Water Bond on the Possible Postponement of
Proposition 18

SACRAMENTO - The No on the Water Bond (Proposition 18) committee issued the
following statement from coalition member Jim Metropulos of Sierra Club
California on the possible postponement of Proposition 18 from this
November's ballot:

"We call on the Legislature to scrap this $11 Billion bond and start over,"
Metropulos said. "Even if it is delayed to a future ballot it will continue
to be a bad back room deal, hatched in the dark of the night and loaded up
with billions of dollars in pork projects to buy off votes." 

"Even if it is delayed to a future ballot, it will still mean billions more
dollars in debt for our State," Metropulos added. "Even if it is delayed to
a future ballot, it will not address the key points needed to fix our water
infrastructure or create sustainable water policy. Moving the initiative to
another election will not lessen our opposition!"

No on the Water Bond is sponsored by a coalition of consumer, environmental,
fishing, farming, tribal, community and social justice organizations opposed
to the water bond that will be on the statewide ballot in November.
Coalition members include the Sierra Club California, Environmental Justice
Coalition for Water, Friends of the River, Food & Water Watch, the Planning
and Conservation League, California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, Clean
Water Action, Southern California Watershed Alliance and Restore the Delta.

No on Water Bond Co-Chairs Respond to Governor's Announcement to Postpone
Water Bond

"Repeal it. Don't postpone it.

Fiscally irresponsible plan won't get better with age."

SACRAMENTO - No on Water Bond Co-chairs, State Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis)
and State Assemblyman Bill Berryhill (R-Ceres), today issued the following
response to the Governor's announcement that he will seek postponement of
the $11.14 billion water bond now scheduled for this November's ballot.

"We welcome the Governor's recognition that this bond does not have public
support.  The decision to pull the bond is an admission that our criticisms
are correct, it is fiscally irresponsible and won't help the Delta or create
any more water."

Wolk and Berryhill stated they will not support legislation to move the
current bond to another date. "Rather than postpone it, we should repeal it
and start over.  We cannot support simply delaying the same irresponsible
plan to a future election.  This is a bad measure that won't get any better
with time.  It's not fine wine.  It's just pork.  We should start over next
year with a new Legislature and Governor with an open and transparent public


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