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Date:           7 July 2010

Contact:     Hoopa Tribal Fisheries, Lesley Hunt @ 625-4267, x10





The River Clean Up idea was conceived by America Outdoors, a national
association for river outfitters and guides in 1991, and since has been
embraced by many public and private agencies, as well as community
volunteers.  The Hoopa Trial Fisheries Department is acting as a
coordinating agency for clean up for the lower portion of the Trinity River.
This will be the Tribes 12th year of coordination.


National River Cleanup Week traditionally occurs during early May of each
year, but due to the high flow conditions of our rivers, the event is held
locally in July or August.  More than 75 miles of the Trinity, Klamath and
Salmon Rivers are targeted for clean up.  Starting in July a multitude of
agencies and volunteers groups will clean various sites on the Klamath and
Trinity rivers.  On Saturday the July 24, cleanup crews will be delegated
starting from Tish Tang to Red Rock, along the Trinity River on the Hoopa


In addition to debris in the rivers, clean up crews will also focus
attention on their tributaries and numerous access trails and roadways.
Emphasis on the land surrounding the waterways is more than just aesthetics,
but goes to the root of water safety.  Improperly discarded waste
contaminates drinking water and affects all manner of wildlife.  Entire
ecosystems can be affected by illegal dumping.  Additionally, debris can
poise hazards when navigating on the waterways.


The Hoopa Valley Tribe has always maintained a large commitment to the
environment.  The Hoopa Valley Tribe encourages any one interested in
participating to join us this year in this cooperative effort.  For more
information or to get involved call Hoopa Tribal Fisheries and contact
either Lesley Hunt 625-4267 ext. 10 or Clyde Matilton ext. 17.  We will be
at the Tribal Fisheries Department parking lot starting at 9:00 am, Saturday
24 July, for breakfast and designation zones. Free lunch will be provided at
noon. Please join us!


Hats and gloves are recommended. 


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