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*Wholly H2o is an active member of the SSV EcoCloud.  At this month's 
meeting, Elizabeth Dougherty, director of Wholly H2o will be presenting 
on Integrated Water Management. **Join us!*

*When: *

*Friday, November 12, 2010 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM*


    *SAP *
    Executive Briefing Center
    3410 Hillview Ave, Building 1
    Palo Alto, CA 94304-1395

Sustainable Silicon Valley is organizing an event – Come hear the next 
in Ecocloud lessons learned and upcoming concerns and solutions for 
/California’s Water System/ that our speakers have to impart and 
/network with your virtual Ecocloud Neighbors/.  The EcoCloud is a 
virtual neighborhood of existing and potential recycled water customers, 
“virtual” industrial neighbors, consultants, vendors and other technical 
experts.  Ecocloud gives you a way to reducing costs and networking with 
your partners.

      *Statewide data for California's water systems, and potential
      regional application*: /Rich Juricich/, water resources engineer
      at /DWR/ will talk with us about the statewide system being
      created to monitor California’s entire water cycle (inputs,
      outputs, human uses, environmental uses).  Rich works in the
      Integrated Data and Analysis Branch of DWR.

      *Aligning Human and Earth Life Support Systems:*/John Hogan,/
      environmental scientist at /NASA /will explore how the principles
      of regenerative life support and systems engineering developed for
      space exploration may be applied to create integrated and
      regenerative human systems that simultaneously support and respond
      to dynamic physical, chemical, and biological life support system
      here on Earth.

      *Integrated Water Management in the Context of California's Water
      Crisis:*/Elizabeth Doughtery/, Director of /Wholly H2o/,will
      address the potential features of an integrated water management
      approach that focuses on conservation, efficiency and rain, storm,
      gray and black (recycled) water as the primary features.

      *Market for H2Ownership: Smart Markets */James Workman*,
      */co-founder*//*/SmartMarkets LLC/*,* will raise some of the
      economic challenges facing the EcoCloud, and how the emerging
      online platform for trading water efficiency within and between
      water districts could make recycled water increasingly viable, and
      valuable, for more businesses and cities.  He will also describe
      how the coping skills of Kalahari desert bushman can help us
      address our water crisis.

      *Sustainable Water Use: A case study of cooling tower use of
      recycled water:* /Erick Hawkins/, /Air Products/

      *Ecocloud Innovation Virtual Network Update*

*For More information, please contact*

        Mary Kean, PE

Program Manager, Sustainable Silicon Valley

Email: mkean at sustainablesv.org <mailto:mkean at sustainablesv.org>  (650) 
318-3638 x 106

*More information about EcoCloud*

*/EcoCloud™ /*is a “virtual industrial ecosystem” where Silicon Valley 
industry, government and educational institutions work together to 
implement and share sustainable business practices. Sponsored by 
Sustainable Silicon Valley, a cross-sector collaborative dedicated to a 
sustainable future, and drawing on the latest social networking tools, 
EcoCloud™  is designed to put the  principles of industrial ecology to 
work in Silicon Valley and beyond.

*/A Virtual Industrial Ecosystem for Silicon Valley/*

Inspired by the model of industrial ecology, the *EcoCloud™*   is 
designed to be a */virtual /*industrial ecosystem, providing a forum for 
companies to share sustainable business practices. Although most 
industries in the *EcoCloud™ *are not located next to each other, they 
share a common interest in reducing energy usage, conserving resource 
and eliminating waste—while at the same time cutting costs to improve 
their bottom line.   Just as “cloud computing” uses the distributed 
power of the internet for more efficient data processing, the EcoCloud™  
harnesses the power of web-based social networking tools so local 
business leaders and facility managers can work with industry experts, 
technology innovators,  university researchers and government agencies 
to make their enterprises more sustainable and more profitable.

Still under development, the *EcoCloud™* will ultimately address all the 
major intersections of industry and environment, including energy, air, 
water, land use and material resources.  Currently, *EcoCloud™* members 
are paying particular attention to the *urban water cycle*, focusing on 
the *industrial use of recycled water* as a way to minimize demand on 
drinking water supplies, lower total energy costs and reduce greenhouse 
gas emissions.


Wholly H2o's 
mission is to equip Californians with the information and skills 
necessary to normalize water conservation and efficiency, as well as 
rainwater, graywater, stormwater and black water reuse/recycling. The 
purpose is to mitigate the currently unsustainable demands on California 
water supplies, and corresponding environmental degradation to 
California’s natural water systems. The goal is to use our water in the 
most appropriate manner possible given our realtime existing conditions.

Our secondary mission is to provide the information and training 
necessary to expand the water-related green jobs market throughout the 
state of California.

If you would prefer not to receive announcement from Wholly H2o, please 
unsubscribe here 

Fiscal Sponsor
Trust for Conservation Innovation

423 Washington Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
United States
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