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Are you a member of a small, grassroots group that is working to improve
Northern California's wild places, open spaces, rivers, streams or
groundwater? Are you working to make communities more livable and more
healthy for people? Trying to preserve agricultural lands and promote
environmentally sound food production and distribution? Are you working to
promote sustainable energy and/or reduce greenhouse gas emissions? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, please take a minute to
review the eligibility requirements below. If your group is eligible, please
apply for a small grant ($5000 maximum) from the Northern California
Environmental Grassroots Fund. Deadlines are every 3 months, with awards
made 2 months after the deadline. The next deadline is February 1, 2011.

If you know other groups who would be interested, please forward this to

About the Northern California Environmental Grassroots Fund
The Fund was established in 2003 by a consortium of foundations to support
community-based grassroots environmental efforts throughout Northern
California. The Fund's goal is to award small grants ($5000 maximum) to
small organizations that are currently underserved by most funding

The Fund has four grant cycles per year, one every three months. Currently
the Fund is distributing $60,000 per quarter, or $240,000 per year.

Eligible Projects and Organizations
Geographic Scope: Project impact must be in Northern California 
   (includes San Luis Obispo and Kern County and all counties north)

Organizational Size: Annual expenses of $100,000 or less 
   (actual expenses, not projected - for exceptions, see application)

Issues: Include, but are not limited to, environmental health and justice,
land management and urban sprawl, habitat and wilderness protection,
sustainable forestry, water resources, agriculture, sustainability, and

Strategies: Community-based advocacy, technical assistance, litigation,
restoration projects, organizing expenses, grassroots campaigns, and
environmental education.

Tax status:  Applicants may be a nonprofit, be fiscally sponsored by another
nonprofit, or ask for fiscal sponsorship from the Grassroots Fund.

Frequency: Organizations whose proposals are rejected may re-apply after one
year. Organizations that are funded may re-apply after one year if their
final report has been submitted. Since a goal of the Grassroots Fund is to
support the development and creation of small, new nonprofit groups, we ask
organizations who have been funded 3 times to take a one year break before
submitting a 4th application.

Capital campaigns, annual fundraising appeals, government agencies, colleges
or universities and individuals.

Application Process

1.     Download application materials at www.rosefdn.org (
<http://rosefdn.org/article.php?list=type&type=36> &type=36 ), or request by
e-mail from grassroots at rosefdn.org, or call (510) 658-0702. 

2.     Complete the application 

3.     Add required attachments:

a.     Project or organizational budget (use the worksheet provided at the
end of the application packet, or attach your own spreadsheet - for
applicant organization, not fiscal sponsor)
b.    Organizational financial statement from most recent completed fiscal
year (must include profit/loss statement with income and expenses - for
applicant organization, not fiscal sponsor)
c.     List of board of directors, advisory board or steering committee
members with affiliations (for applicant organization, not fiscal sponsor)
d.     List of key staff and/or volunteers with a very brief bio, or
description of responsibilities (for applicant organization, not fiscal
e.     501(c)(3) determination letter, or that of the organization's fiscal
sponsor (not necessary if seeking fiscal sponsorship from the Fund)

4.     Add optional attachments:

a.     Letters of support (maximum of 2 letters, maximum 2 pages each -
highly recommended) 
b.     Press clippings 
c.     Newsletters or other publications

Submit the completed application and attachments by mail, postmarked by the
deadline date: February 1, May 1, August 1, or November 1.  Please do not
send applications by Express mail, Federal Express, or UPS.  E-mailed or
faxed applications will not be accepted. If the deadline falls on a Sunday
or postal holiday, applications must be postmarked on (or before) the next
day the post office is open.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Karla James
Grassroots Fund Coordinator
Karla James
The Rose Foundation
6008 College Ave., Suite 10
Oakland, CA  94618
510/658.0702 v
510/658.0732 f
kjames at rosefdn.org

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