[env-trinity] Remembering Serge Birk

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Serge was my first supervisor back in the "B St." days of NMFS's
Tuna-Porpoise Observer Program (circa 1977).   He kept 20-30 of us in
line....not sure how he did that.....but his good nature and humor helped a

he will be missed..

Gary Curtis
Restoration Branch Supervisor
Klamath River Restoration Program
USFWS-Yreka Fish and Wildlife Office
1829 S. Oregon St.,  Yreka, CA  96097
530-841-3117 (office)
541-613-4914 (cell)
gary_curtis at fws.gov

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I worked in Serge in a number of fora.  Our employers have had an often
adversarial relationship that often affected our public interchanges. I
remember Serge best from Trinity meetings in Weaverville that were
sometimes followed with beer at La Grange.

Serge was clearly a smart guy and perhaps most importantly an independent
thinker. We need more like him who are willing to challenge established

He was serious when he needed to be and fun the rest of the time. I will
miss him.

For those who may be unaware, Serge had a side business raising Australian
Redclaw Crayfish. See attached (if this server allows attachments).



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Trinity River Enthusiasts-

Serge Burke wore many hats over the course of his career and was a strong
advocate for restoring the Trinity River fishery throughout them all. He
will be missed.

Andreas Krause
Trinity River Restoration Program

From: Green, Michael L
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Subject: Remembering Serge Birk

To everyone in Reclamation who had the pleasure of knowing or working with
Serge Birk,

Please take a moment to remember our friend and/or coworker who passed away
peacefully this am from cancer.

Those who knew and worked with Serge know how passionate and dedicated he
was to our environmental and fisheries resources, friends, and family.

A few of Serge’s accomplishments include the completion of the Keswick Dam
Stilling Basin notch project for fish passage, funding restoration work at
Battle Creek, and the first Biological Assessment for coho at KBAO.

We will all miss him greatly.

Mike Green
Natural Resource Specialist
Bureau of Reclamation
6600 Washburn Way
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
(541) 880-2565
(541) 884-9053 Fax

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