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Jay_Glase@nps.gov Jay_Glase at nps.gov
Mon Dec 13 09:38:45 PST 2010

what a crazy and sad few weeks it's been.  I don't usually write to the
list anymore, but all this news has me getting nostalgic.

First the news about Serge birk.  Regardless of who you worked for and
whether you agreed with some of serge's ideas or not, there's a big hole
without serge around.  One thing I remember about Serge - we were at some
fisheries event and he said something to me about how good it was to have a
great wife - he was complimenting three people at once (not including
himself!) and it was genuine.  It helped me understand where his values
really were.  Even though I haven't seen Serge in years, I'm sad knowing
he's not around.

Then the end of FOTR.  Byron, I remember the day you got stuck in that new
side channel - Upper Svenson, I'm pretty sure it was.  You and Herb Burton
floated downstream from there and saw two USFWS employees working at one of
the other side channels - we gave a wave since we knew it was Herb's boat,
and Byron you waved back - kind of, in a very upset Byron kind of way - we
new you were pretty mad about something.  Interesting that this float trip
and that side channel were the beginning of FOTR.  Also interesting was
that in the following year, after some high flows did some real work on the
river, this side channel produced well over 10,000 salmon fry because it
was so loaded with redds.  Then in 1995 or 96, the river did some more work
and completely eliminated that channel except for during high flow events.
Seems like the river didn't like that location for a permanent side
channel.  Byron, we didn't always agree on what was good or not so good for
the river and the fish, but you were one of the most instrumental
individual in bringing more awareness to the Trinity than would have been
possible without FOTR.  Thanks for your hard work, and happy fishing!

And now Tom is leaving Cal-Trout?  What's going on - isn't this kind of
like Brett Favre leaving the Greenbay Packers?  Ok, go ahead and soak that
one in Tom - but really, you've been with Cal Trout and involved with the
Trinity work for such a long time that it's impossible to think of you not
there.  Good luck with your future adventures - I'm sure you'll do great
work as you have for the past couple of decades on the Trinity.

So, no more depressing news from anyone ok? - just enjoy the holidays and
go find some snow to play in like we're supposed to do this time of year.

Cheers and Happy Holidays to everyone in the trinity family

jay glase,
Midwest Regional Fish Biologist
National Park Service

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