[env-trinity] TMC Agenda, Dec 15-16, Redding

Tom Stokely tstokely at att.net
Wed Dec 15 19:32:36 PST 2010

Final Agenda 


US Forest Service Conference Room, Redding, CA 

Wednesday and Thursday, December 15-16, 2010



Wednesday, December 15 


                        Topic, Purpose and/or
Time                Decision to be Made                                                               Discussion Leader

Regular Business:

  1:00               Introductions:                                                                                     Brian Person, Chair

-          Approval of Agenda

-          Approval of September 2010 Minutes


  1:15               Open Forum:  Comments from the public                              Brian Person

  1:30               Report from TAMWG Chair                                                 Arnold Whitridge 

  2:00               Report from TMC Chair                                                       Brian Person

  2:30               Report from Acting Executive Director                                Jennifer Faler 

  2:45               Action Items Update                                                               Jennifer Faler 


Information Item/Decision Items:


  3:00               Klamath Biological Opinion Update                                      Jim Simondet 


  4:00               Channel Rehabilitation Update                                              Jennifer Faler / Andreas Krause           


  5:00               Adjourn for the day




Thursday, December 16 


                        Topic, Purpose and/or
Time                Decision to be Made                                                               Discussion Leader

Information Item/Decision Items:


  9:00               Watershed Policy                                                                   Jennifer Faler

                        Background, funding limitations, TMC policy discussion



  9:30               Temperature Update                                                              Rod Wittler








  10:00                         Science Program Update                                                        Jennifer Faler / Ernie Clarke


-          Roles and Responsibilities 

-          Work Group Update

o      Descriptions, membership, and charters

-          Continuing Resolution Impact on 2011 Work Plan

-          2012 Budget Development Update

o      Process and schedule

o      Science Work Plan

o      Implementation Work Plan

-          Presentation Disclaimer Language


  12:00 - 1:30     Lunch


  1:30               Science Program Update Continued                                      Ernie Clark / Jennifer Faler 


  2:00               Hatchery Review                                                                    Jim Smith 



Regular Business:


  3:15               Open Forum:  Comments from the public                              Brian Person 


  3:30               Calendars:  Confirm next meeting dates and locations                       Brian Person 


  4:00               Adjourn 

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