[env-trinity] Navy exercises and free speech

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Writing as the proud father of a Naval officer and having had the opportunity to meet a great many of his colleagues, I can say that some of them would probably defend the exercises themselves but none would oppose public discourse of the matter.


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i thought Stokely was the manager of this list serve, and if not, who is?

nobody should be blocking Brian for a discussion of Navy exercises

what the 'ell is going on?

and by the way, Happy Holidaze
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the env-trinity list threatened to block me for posting emails regarding Navy exercises, so I'll have to contact members individually.  I already sent an note to Schlosser.


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We need a Brown v. Board of Education argument based on harm in front of a west coast federal judge to overturn the Supreme Court decision David Frankel alluded to. [It was Tom Schlosser [t.schlosser at msaj.com who is a member of env-trinity-bounces at velocipede.dcn.davis.ca.us<mailto:env-trinity-bounces at velocipede.dcn.davis.ca.us>] Plessey was overturned because societal values changed. The armed forces in this country no longer go unchallenged by a majority.  Tom, David can you pull together a contingent of attorneys from the Pacific Rim realms of Washington, Oregon and California to take the Navy on based on harm.  Because people coalesce into a spoken-word mob every time there is another meeting re. Navy Weapons training & testing off the California, Oregon and Washington coast. Have been very plain spoken about militarization of the oceans and ecocide. At the hall- packed meeting in Fort Bragg, the Navy's PR guy opened with a paragraph stating the Navy DOES NOT OWN the open seas and has no legitimate jurisdiction out there to keep people away from their vessels. Talk of flotillas is already on the airwaves in Humboldt County.  A good team of lawyers seems to me to be a necessary step and will have plenty of support. --Beth Bosk

P.S. Anybody who needs a copy of my last issue of New Settler [magazine], where the owner of the Mendocino Cafe lays out the Navy's plans from the point of view of a no-nonsense citizen, can email me for a copy with their address. It's a bracing commentary and indicative of how courageous people will get around this issue.

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