[env-trinity] Movement starts to halt Klamath study funding

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  Movement starts to halt Klamath study funding


 *By David Smith*
 Daily News <http://www.siskiyoudaily.com/>
Posted Feb 17, 2011 @ 09:02 AM
Yreka, Calif. —

The subject of a letter to Wally Herger approved by the Siskiyou County
Board of Supervisors Tuesday saw action Wednesday at the House level as
Congressman Tom McClintock introduced a measure to reduce funding for
studies on the Klamath River.
The board’s letter, brought forth by County Counsel Thomas Guarino, begins,
“It has recently come to our understanding that you have requested our
opinion with respect to an amendment that may be offered in Congress to
eliminate any funding for the study of dam removal on the Klamath
River” under the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement (KHSA).
The KHSA calls for the study of various environmental impacts and potential
outcomes to determine whether or not to remove four dams along the Klamath,
with many of the studies currently underway.
Along with support for constraints on funding for dam removal studies, the
letter states that the board would support any constraints on funding for
other KHSA activities and the companion Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement.
Board Chair Jim Cook stated that he believes there is a likelihood that if
the studies are postponed, more studies could be introduced, something the
board has requested in the past. Natural Resources Policy Specialist Ric
Costales added that upon talking to McClintock’s staff, he was led to
believe that the congressman feels that the KBRA, which calls for
approximately $1 billion in expenditures, is “outpacing” the activities
under the KHSA.
When taken to a vote, the letter was approved 4-1, with District 2
Supervisor Ed Valenzuela voting no. Earlier in the meeting, he had expressed
concern about stopping the studies, citing the need for information.
McClintock has already taken action, however, introducing an amendment just
after midnight Tuesday to House Resolution 1, the Department of Defense
Appropriations Act.
McClintock’s amendment, which was agreed to by a voice vote, would reduce
funds for a sedimentation study being conducted by the United States Bureau
of Reclamation and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service by $1.897
million, applying that amount instead to a deficit reduction account.
HR 1 was introduced on Feb. 11 and has not yet reached the House.

– David Smith can be reached at dsmith at siskiyoudaily.com
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