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Water is hardly a one-party issue. Greed is bi-partisan. 
Greed is one of the universals of our world.


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Thank you Joshua and Mark, What a dilemma for liberal-conservationist CA voters !!! If we elect a Republican, we empower someone who vows never to compromise or cost the top One Percent a single dime. Or, vote for Dianne, and give a couple of them billions of those single dimes.    Warren Carlson, prof. emeritus, HSU now in Redding 

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Nothing new here. Don't look behind the curtain. Keep walking...

What are we to expect from Feinslime? The 5th richest senator who has a net worth of $75 million doesn't represent the interest of the state or the people; she knows where her butter is spread. She's got to grease those wheels, you know, so she can stay in power, and represent the wealth elite getting theirs and handing US the bill. 

It would be nice to get her out of office. She only represents the rich. But that was the plan when they approved the 17th Amendment and took the power of state appointment for senatorial office!

2012/1/9 Mark Dowdle - TCRCD <mdowdle at tcrcd.net>



This story is taken from Sacbee / Opinion / Viewpoints
Viewpoints: Water barons will corner market in new 'Chinatown'
Special to The Bee 
Published Sunday, Jan. 08, 2012...................................................

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