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>  California’s Marin County Ranked Healthiest, Trinity County Unhealthiest[image:
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> By Sylvia Cochran<>
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> The County Health Rankings<>,
> compiled and published by the Wisconsin Population Health Instituteand
> the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, identify California's Marin County as
> the healthiest place in the Golden State. Trinity County is the
> unhealthiest.
> *What health factors did researchers measure?*
> Measures<> included
> premature death and morbidity factors, which included overall health,
> physical health, mental health, and low birth weight statistics. Also
> included were economic data and personal behavior choices.
> *Which county ranked first in premature deaths?*
> Researchers measured premature death data<> as
> the sum total of years lost between a person's age at death and age 75.
> Trinity County had the highest premature death rate with approximately
> 10,546 years lost; next came Del Norte County with 10,312 years. Marin
> County ranked last with only about 3,846 years lost.
> *How do Marin and Trinity Counties compare and contrast?*
> A county comparison<> highlights
> that the difference between healthiest and unhealthiest California locale
> may be influenced by unemployment and personal behavior choices. For
> example, 8.3 percent of Marin County residents are unemployed; in Trinity
> County, this number is closer to 18.7 percent. By comparison, California's
> overall unemployment rate is 12.4 percent. Going hand in hand with the lack
> of income are children living in poverty -- 11 percent versus 31 percent --
> and high numbers of uninsured residents. Adult obesity is higher in Trinity
> County (24 percent) than in Marin County (15 percent). A look at financial
> data shows that the median household income in Marin County totals $82,383,
> while Trinity County households on average only made $35,207.
> *Is income the overall deciding factor in healthy versus unhealthy living?
> *
> This is a fair assumption. Modoc County household incomes averaged
> $34,579, while San Mateo median household incomes were as high as $82,413.
> Ranking 46th and 5th respectively, 33 percent of children in Modoc County
> live in poverty whereas 9 percent of San Mateo children fit this
> classification. Only three percent of San Mateo County residents reported a
> limited access to healthy foods, while 16 percent of those living in Modoc
> County faced this problem.
> *How do these numbers compare to 2010?*
> In 2010<>,
> Marin County still led the charge, but the unhealthiest county was Del
> Norte; Trinity County was in 53rd place, Modoc County ranked 47th, and San
> Mateo County remained steady in 5th place.
> *Why do these rankings matter?*
> "The County Health Rankings show us that much of what influences our
> health happens outside of the doctor's office. In fact, where we live,
> learn, work and play has a big role in determining how healthy we are and
> how long we live," the president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson
> Foundation told the Central Valley Business Times<>
> .
> *Sylvia Cochran is a Los Angeles area resident with a firm finger on the
> pulse of California politics. Talk radio junkie, community volunteer and
> politically independent, she scrutinizes the good and the bad from both
> sides of the political aisle.*
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