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When plans were made to take out four  dams on the Klamath River, "they didn
’t coordinate properly with us," he said,  adding that 70 percent of the 
people in Siskiyou County say they don’t want  the dams removed, "but they aren
’t listening."
In response to a question from the  audience, Haney repeated a question 
Lopey asked of the sheriffs and his own  response: "If we have to protect these 
dams, are you guys willing to stand  with me?" and "I said, ‘Yes.’"

Interesting.... but the Sheriffs omit the fact that these dams do not  
belong to the County or "the people," but are privately owned. The  County thus 
has no say, and no vote of "the people" to "keep the dams"  means anything.  
 What are they doing to protect the  Constitutional right of PacifiCorp to 
dispose of its own property however it  sees fit?
And they omit the fact that these dams, even if relicensed, are simply no  
longer cost effective.  In fact, FERC estimated that the dams, once  
relicensed, would actually generate 27% LESS power than the little bit they do  
today (82 MW), and then cost the company more than $20 million/year in net  
LOSSES ... which would have to be passed on to its customers, including most of 
 Siskiyou County!  
They are, in short, trying to impose Government Socialism on the Company to 
 force it to run its assets at a loss!    How incredibly  ironic!  Someone 
should point this out to them!  
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