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I have no official role here, it's just that I've resourcefully obtained the agenda for tomorrow's Trinity Management Council meeting, and I'm a naturally generous person.   AW

     Draft Agenda 


Hoopa, CA - Hoopa Valley Tribe Council Chambers

June 20 - 21, 2012



Wednesday, June 20, 2012 


Time                Topic, Purpose and/or Decision to be Made                         Discussion Leader

Regular Business:


12:00               Introductions:                                                                                     Brian Person, Chair

-          Approval of Agenda

-          Approval of December, January, March  2012 Minutes


12:30               Open Forum:  Comments from the public                                          Brian Person


1:00                 Report from TMC Chair                                                                   Brian Person

§  Landowner issue update

§  Letters update

§  TMC action tracker

§  Joint TMC-TAMWG meeting -results of poll


  2:00               Report from TAMWG Chair                                                             Elizabeth Hadley 


  2:30               Report from Executive Director                                                        Robin Schrock


  2:45               Work Group Updates                                                                         Robin Schrock 

and WG members 

  3:00               2012 Budget/2013 President's Budget                                                           Robin Schrock 


 Information / Decision Items:


 3:30                TMC  Bylaw changes for telephone conference decisions                Brian Person


 4:00                Fall Flow Release Recommendation  (handout)                                 Seth Naman


 4:30                Fall Flows Discussion                                                                         Brian Person


 5:00                Adjourn                      

TMC  Thursday, June 21, 2012


8:30                 Implementation Update                                                          DJ Bandrowski

9:30                Phase 1 Review                                                                       DJ Bandrowski


10:00               Science Update                                                                                  Robin Schrock


10:20               Break


10:30               Presentation Two Chief's Partnership Award                                  FS/NRCS

                        Acknowledgement:   Pat Frost's TRRP contributions                      Brian Person


11:00               2012 Flow Scheduling Update                                                            Rod Wittler


11:30               2012 Flow Hydrograph                                                          James Lee


12:00               Lunch - Hosted by the Hoopa Valley Tribe  


1:00                 TMC-TAMWG Joint meeting agenda                                               Person/Hadley


2:00                 Open Forum


2:30                 Calendar - Upcoming meetings


3:00                 Adjourn

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