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CWQMCN Webinar 09/20/2012 - Advances in the Application of the USGS SPARROW Model in California
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California Water Quality Monitoring Collaboration Network Participant:
Join the California Water Quality Monitoring Collaboration Network and USGS’s Joseph
Domagalski from your own workspace for a special Webinar session, “Advances in the Application of the USGS SPARROW Model in California”. Please join us on Thursday September 20, 11:30 AM -12:30 PM. Please see the instructions below to join the webinar. To watch the presentation “join the online meeting” and to hear the meeting “join the teleconference”, as we use voice over phone protocol.
Advances in the Application of the USGS SPARROW Model in California
To support the need for national and regional water-quality modeling, USGS scientists developed a model that integrates monitoring data with landscape information. This model, known as SPARROW (SPAtially-Referenced Regression On Watershed attributes) <http://water.usgs.gov/nawqa/sparrow/>, is watershed based and designed for use in predicting long-term average values of water characteristics, such as concentrations and amounts of selected constituents that are delivered to downstream receiving waters. Statistical methods are used in SPARROW modeling to explain instream measurements of water quality in relation to upstream sources and watershed properties. Information on the SPARROW model and how it will be implemented in California will be discussed during this talk.
This webinar is a follow-up to the webinar “Application of the USGS SPARROW Model to Understand Nitrogen and Phosphorus Transport in California presented May 16, 11:30 AM -1:00 PM. <https://waterboards.webex.com/waterboards/ldr.php?AT=pb&SPhttps://waterboards.webex.com/waterboards/ldr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=42775342&rKey=7686b58a16cb0977>
Joseph Domagalski has been with the USGS since 1988 and has been involved with various water quality studies involving pesticides, nutrients, and mercury. He has published numerous reports from the State, Regional, to National level, and is currently Project Chief of the Sacramento River National Water Quality Assessment Program.
Dina Saleh, a research hydrologist, has been with the USGS since 1999 and has completed several studies involving nutrients and pesticides focused on understanding the occurrence and transport of these compounds in hydrologic systems. The current focus of her research is the development and application of new analysis techniques to solve a variety of water quality problems especially from a modeling perspective.
Meeting information
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2012
Time: 11:30 am, Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)
Meeting Number: 745 884 636
Meeting Password: wqwebinar
To join the online meeting
Go to https://waterboards.webex.com/waterboards/j.php?ED=189391197&UID=484113162&PW=NOTFiYjAxNTg5&RT=MiM0
Teleconference information
Call-in toll-free number (Verizon): 1-866-761-8603 (US)
Call-in number (Verizon): 1-517-652-7895 (US)
Show global numbers: https://wbbc.verizonbusiness.com/wbbcClick2Join/servlet/WBBCClick2Join?TollNumCC=1&TollNum=517-652-7895&TollFreeNumCC=1&TollFreeNum=866-761-8603&ParticipantCode=5095154&customHeader=mymeetings&dialInNumbers=true
Attendee access code: 509 515 4
For assistance
1. Go to https://waterboards.webex.com/waterboards/mc
2. On the left navigation bar, click "Support". To add this meeting to your calendar program (for example Microsoft Outlook), click this link:https://waterboards.webex.com/waterboards/j.php?ED=189391197&UID=484113162&ICS=MS&LD=1&RD=2&ST=1&SHA2=Iys7YgbjnzhJJt4JdRtSyszmpXBOvxRnm7ZMezfvNgY=To check whether you have the appropriate players installed for UCF (Universal Communications Format) rich media files, go tohttps://waterboards.webex.com/waterboards/systemdiagnosis.php. http://www.webex.com CCM:+15176527895x3359348#
IMPORTANT NOTICE: This WebEx service includes a feature that allows audio and any documents and other materials exchanged or viewed during the session to be recorded. You should inform all meeting attendees prior to recording if you intend to record the meeting. Please note that any such recordings may be subject to discovery in the event of litigation.
We have set up a webpage for the California Water Quality Monitoring
Collaboration Network (CWQMCN) at:
Webinar materials (if available), all past webinars (recordings and pdf’s) will be posted on the website. The recorded webinars and associated materials are located under 'Monthly Webinars'. We hope to use this webpage to help you network with each other and with the larger monitoring community. So, feel free to give us your ideas on how to make it better.
CWQMCN Emails:
New participants can join the webinar listserv by signing up on the web at: www.waterboards.ca.gov/resources/email_subscriptions/swrcb_subscribe.shtml.
Enter your email address and name, place a check mark next to "Water Quality Monitoring Collaboration Network - Webinar Sessions", then click the "subscribe" button.
California Water Quality Monitoring Professional Network :
Share technical and support tools for water quality monitoring, assessment and reporting; Encourage discussion on common concerns like information management and program development; Provide a forum for networking and collaboration. This LinkedIn Group, California Water Quality Monitoring Professional Network, compliments the California Water Quality Monitoring Collaboration Network (CWQMCN) and was created so that water quality monitors and Network members would have the ability to further collaborate and communicate outside of the current CWQMCN Webinar series and emails If you are a member of LinkedIn please join the group. Not a member yet? Please consider doing so and joining this group of water quality monitoring professionals, www.linkedin.com
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California Water Quality Monitoring Collaboration Network
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