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Emilia Berol ema.berol at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 2 21:22:15 PST 2012

Watching the Trinity from our spot between Camp Kimtu and the mouth of Willow Creek, I am amazed not only by the volume and velocity of the river today, but by the amount of logs and debris coming down the river ...  I haven't seen this many logs in the river since the 70's.... maybe not even then.  It has been a constant stream of all sizes of debris, all day. They look like schools of sharks and sea serpents floating down the currents. Neighbors sitting out on benches today say it's been like watching a parade. 

Since there isn't much logging going on in the basin below the dam these days, as far as I know, 
I can't help but wonder where its all coming from?  Could some of this be from blowouts from TRRP projects? a fair amount of the larger logs have straight cuts on at least one side, sometimes both sides. 
And I am wondering if some of it is coming from the South Fork? 

Emelia Berol
TAMWG member
120 Patterson Dr.
Willow Creek, Ca.

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