[env-trinity] Bay- Citizen: Catch shares leave fishermen reeling

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Commented and will blog...

This article is indeed trying to create a "big bad capitalism" image with
repetition of "winners and losers." Everyone loses when a fishery collapses.

1) It's true that catch limits are sufficient to establish environmental
sustainability, but catch shares are a useful way to reduce "effort" (e.g.,
boats, men) such that the fishery is economically sustainable.

2) Small guys like Collins probably got excluded b/c shares were
grandfathered to the largest fisherman, and he was "too small" to
administer. (It's obvious that they could have given him 1 share worth
50*200lbs=10 tons along with everyone else, if only as a means of preventing
these claims, but what about the 100lb/week guy? And so on...)

3) The WHOLE POINT of catch shares (as well as catch limits) is to reduce
the number of boats and fishermen. Lost jobs = success in an industry that's
over capacity.

4) The attempt to link funding to results, even while admitting that lots of
"govt funded" studies support catch shares, is a fishing expedition that
makes the author look biased. Pity.

5) Thanks for writing this. I will blog it as an example of journalism that
pushes an agenda over policy analysis and misses the big picture of a
economically and environmentally sustainable outcome.

David at aguanomics



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Catch shares leave fishermen reeling

San Francisco fisherman Larry Collins waits for a crabbing boat near
Fisherman's Wharf in January. Collins says catch shares are squeezing out
small fishing operations. "This system has given it all to the big guys," he

Mike Kepka/San Francisco Chronicle

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