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Patrick - looks like you stirred the local tea pot.  This makes a perfect
opportunity to create an alliance by tactfully mediating a mutual
understanding instead of further polarizing as the baggers would do.  Good




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Micheal Caranci couldn't have said it any better and I fully support his
comments. Perhaps, one should examine his own yard before casting stones
against those who live in the north. You wonder why those of us who actually
live , breath and drink this river have a lack of trust of those who
parachute into our communities and attempt to tell us what is good for us or
our river?



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What does this story -- not to mention the totally unnecessary bad-mouthing
of people who live in Northern California -- have anything to do with the
purpose of this mailing list?  I thought the purpose was to disseminate
information pertaining to the Trinity River and it's environmental concerns?
Posting a completely un-related article like this is counter-productive, and
to do so along with such derogatory comments is totally uncalled for.  


The earlier post attacking conservatives in Wyoming was equally bad.  Has
this list turned into a soap-box for liberal propaganda attacking those with
different ideas and ideologies?  Again, what do either of these stories have
anything to do with the Trinity River?  



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On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 12:06 PM, Patrick Truman <truman at jeffnet.org> wrote:

sounds like some folks around the north state, and they are armed and



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