[env-trinity] Seeking employment after AmeriCorps RARE TOS

Joshua Allen trinityjosh at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 17:24:45 PDT 2013

Hi All,

Just putting this out there, in the hopes that some organization may be
interested in employing me in a few months, after my term of service is
complete with Oregon AmeriCorps RARE. Currently I am fulfilling the role of
Program Manager for Public Education at the Umatilla Basin Watershed
Council in Pendleton, Oregon, and my term of service ends in July. My work
here involves project coordination, creation of educational materials, fund
raising, event planning, and public engagement.

My highest level of education consists of a Masters of Public
Administration focusing on government and nonprofit management from CSU
Chico. To fulfill graduation requirements I wrote a professional
quantitative and qualitative analysis using ANES data from UC Berkley's SDA
to look at citizen involvement and provided policy proposals to increase
social justice through public participation. Prior to working on a masters
I was employed by Trinity County for four years under the mentorship of Tom
Stokely and worked on Trinity River restoration. I am also in possession of
a B.S. in Natural Resources Planning with minors in Native American Studies
and Geology from Humboldt State University.

Please feel free to contact me if your organization has need for a talented
and dedicated public servant who has a passion to restore the native
environment, to engage the public, and is interested in
program/governmental management. I would be more than happy to provide a
resume, written example, copies of brochures I have made, and references.
Preferably the position would be in southern/western Oregon though I could
probably be talked into moving back to Northern California for
an organization that perks my interest. Thank you for consideration in this
matter and feel free to forward this email with my contact info to anyone
you may know that is seeking someone like me!


Joshua Allen, MPA
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