[env-trinity] Need any assistance you can provide!

Joshua Allen trinityjosh at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 10:40:02 PDT 2013

Trinity River enthusiasts,

Hello all - hope all is well with you! I don't like asking for handouts;
but I need your assistance. I had a phone interview with the Matanuska-Susitna
Borough planning department in Palmer Alaska which went extremely well and
they invited me for a two day in-person interview next month. Though I need
help getting there for an interview and have a crowd-sourcing fund set up.

Being that it's not a managerial position they don't pay for travel costs
so would have to come up with it myself. Though as an AmeriCorps with
extremely limited funds to live off of, as well as being unemployed and
homeless beginning next month, I don't have the funding to pay for such a
trip, and no one to really ask for assistance. A friend of mine suggested
the crowd-sourcing route so I'm giving it a try. Here is the link:


I applied for the planning position in Palmer last month and had a phone
interview yesterday. They said they liked my education and experience,
being that its broad based and focused upon public engagement, as well as
looked at my Linedin profile which has my work posted on it such as
handouts, thesis, grants, and other examples. After the phone interview
they invited me for a two day interview towards the middle of next month.
Being that the economy is what it is which I've been struggling with the
last five years and the job market being tough I really need to make it to
this interview.

I'm already liquidating a bunch of my stuff (including my beloved raft) in
case I don't find a job or am offered employment after one of the many
interviews I have coming up and will be able to pull off a move in the near
future. But at this time struggling to make it to interviews, let alone
live, and could not afford the Alaska trip on my own. Please take a look at
the link provided and any amount you can help with would be greatly
appreciated (please look at the perks for donating)! Also share it with
people you know as I need all the assistance I can get!


Joshua Allen
(Past Trinity County Planner that worked on Trinity River restoration)


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