[env-trinity] "Causal Linkage" for watershed work

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There has been some confusion about the term "causal linkage" in the recent motion by the Trinity Adaptive Management Working Group regarding watersheds.

The term comes from the attached 1998 Interior Solicitor's Opinion regarding use of Reclamation funds for various fishery restoration activities.  It states that there must be a "causal linkage" between construction and operation of the Trinity River Division of the CVP and the proposed work.

Reclamation's interpretation is that there is no causal linkage for work in any watershed below the North Fork confluence.  

Also attached is a 1993 white paper on the issue that explains why there is a causal linkage between work in the South Fork and other tributaries.  Several of us have disagreed for over a decade.

The intent of the motion is to put the issue of "causal linkage" into the realm of science, not politics, by having the Science Advisory Board make a determination about causal linkage and watershed work in tributaries below the North Fork.  The Trinity Management Council did not make a decision on this issue on Weds but will take it up on their January monthly conference call where the public is excluded.

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