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March 3,  2014


Thanks to those of you who stopped by our booth at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show
to chat and enter our raffle. Hauling our road show down to Pleasanton has become
a nice annual tradition every February, but it interrupts some of the best steelhead
fishing of the year --read more below. First, however, we are pleased to announce
that the winner of our raffle is Jeff Watson of Oakdale, CA.

Jeff won a full day for two anglers in a guided drift boat, a nights's lodging for
two, and $50 in vouchers for dinners at LaGrange Cafe -- a combined value of about
$600.  Congratulations, Jeff.  Just let us know when you want to come up to cash
 in on the Trinity River.


As usual lots of folks at the Pleasanton show asked if the steelhead are still running.
Yes, there are plenty of fresh steelhead arriving after the rains, almost all of
 them wild, and warmer weather is producing some March brown surface action in the
afternoons.Here's my son Ben with a 30" wild hen about a week ago. (Fish caught 
by me, btw, and if this old geezer can land fish, you can land more!)

We are now in the middle of a week long wet weather pattern, and the hook up numbers
have been good--I'd say average of 5 to 10 per day per two anglers, with a number
of double digit days interspersed. Most recent result from yesterday: single average
angler in drift boat landed six chrome bright wild steelhead and a brown.

Where? The guide yesterday started his drift here, but there are fish throughout
 the river--one day is better below "the canyon", and then the next day is better
above the canyon. The stretch behind the Lodge continues to be very dependable. 
I was watching fish roll out there about 30 minutes ago.

Personally I think March was the best overall month for steelhead fishing in both
2012 and 2013, and March 2014 looks to be the same. As said before, the entire cycle
is running later in the year because of the dry December and January. However, in
making your plans be aware of the release of yearling steelhead and coho from the
Lewiston hatchery scheduled for March 15. Those little guys are great for novices
to catch, but veteran steelheaders may want to time their trip to dodge them.


For two anglers: two nights' lodging, two fine dinners at LaGrange Cafe in nearby
Weaverville ($100 in Dinner Passport vouchers), and two full days drift boat fishing
(weekdays only) with an experienced professional guide on the Trinity River--$950.
You can't find this value anywhere else.  Just give us a call.*


Between March 20 and April 25 only--two full drift boat days for two anglers with
a local guide (Ron Purl or Todd Leboeuf) and two nights' lodging for only $650*.
 That's not a typo--$650!*  This package is specifically for kids and newer anglers
to fish for the first time or brush up on skills.  March 15 thousands of juvenile
steelhead and coho (6" to 10") are released into the Trinity River, making the big
German Brown trout very aggressive. Beginners can easily catch the little ones, 
and there's always a chance of hooking up with big browns and steelhead.


Same as Drift, Dine & Stay Package without the guide and the drift boat: two nights'
lodging and $100 toward dinners at LaGrange for $225*-what a deal!

March 28-30 and April 25-27.  See right column for more information.

*Payments by check or cash only.  Based on double occupancy, subject to availability,
tax on lodging included, shuttles and gratuities not included. These prices available
only through Indian Creek lodge.  Call 530 623 6294 or write to info at indiancreeklodge.net
[mailto:indiancreeklodge at wildblue.net] for details.

Indian Creek Lodge

59741 Highway 299 West

Post Office Box 100

Douglas City, CA. 96024

Phone (530) 623-6294

Upcoming Events

March 19, 2014,

Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers

hold their annual fly fishing outing for vets in conjunction with the WoundedWarriors
program--a great event for a great cause. Vets are taught the basics of fly fishing
followed by socializing, dinner, and an overnight at the Lodge.

March 22-23, 2014, Helping Hands.  Teams of local 8th and 9th graders assemble artificial
hands to be sent to amputee victims of war injuries worldwide. Kids learn team building,
the rewards of giving, and make friends on other continents.

March 28-30, 2014

Cliff Sullivan Fly Fishing School. An all inclusive fly fishing school Friday afternoon
to Sunday afternoon with small classes and lots of time on the water.

$650 per person and only $175 more for a tag-along roommate who just wants to enjoy
the good food and camaraderie. Available only through Indian Creek Lodge. Limited
availability. Call for details and reservations.

April 10, 2014, Indian Creek Lodge will present a program for Granite Bay Fly Casters
in Folsom, CA, on Fly Fishing the Trinity.

April 11-13, 2014

The Fly Shop's signature Two Day Fly Fishing School at the Lodge. Click [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001L7yGM8Xxrw1q2LudGu91oIGIED3fXt7jcIKJzkVsotvqhaOh2W9dnQ8IipFE0OFdY3dJ1_QS60ks7lHp3X2bYXHCguF34hJoMQ2CLCpbcPnC75Q9-8Uq_KFlZ-wOAjgojDTFCGtc3EO1E8dFjXMDg1ZnmkKCm8h2EivasdsEBIJElnaM18FenwmpqlE1Y_iKtdwYbQdnYXL9B3DQyr1kBMIhwBpR_GqundYLiV80CsUyU4IqNblgzyEoBNkjcPuoWAtO2iVpTixWY8vcTxZUUjhkDqYCRyZlJyVow2oHzKKwdIHZbf7jK_lqtR912quWkBn7tyYzGKC8adthCRs4_X018a65yDS6VAuSaopo9RQ=&c=hOOaePdGyhClbhTuxxSk4wYKJVmzu68OoJx9UcbhOPo6t1FcUpmVsw==&ch=le6tNcrpt878SHPfyyO3lt-M3s_i4wqEvS7sZgutztSo__7q7pC7Gg==]
here [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001L7yGM8Xxrw1q2LudGu91oIGIED3fXt7jcIKJzkVsotvqhaOh2W9dnQ8IipFE0OFdY3dJ1_QS60ks7lHp3X2bYXHCguF34hJoMQ2CLCpbcPnC75Q9-8Uq_KFlZ-wOAjgojDTFCGtc3EO1E8dFjXMDg1ZnmkKCm8h2EivasdsEBIJElnaM18FenwmpqlE1Y_iKtdwYbQdnYXL9B3DQyr1kBMIhwBpR_GqundYLiV80CsUyU4IqNblgzyEoBNkjcPuoWAtO2iVpTixWY8vcTxZUUjhkDqYCRyZlJyVow2oHzKKwdIHZbf7jK_lqtR912quWkBn7tyYzGKC8adthCRs4_X018a65yDS6VAuSaopo9RQ=&c=hOOaePdGyhClbhTuxxSk4wYKJVmzu68OoJx9UcbhOPo6t1FcUpmVsw==&ch=le6tNcrpt878SHPfyyO3lt-M3s_i4wqEvS7sZgutztSo__7q7pC7Gg==]
for details and to enroll.

April 25-27, 2014

Casting For Recovery Retreat, teaching breast cancer patients and survivors the 
art of fly fishing in a therapeutic and supportive atmosphere. This is CFR's third
annual retreat at Indian Creek Lodge.

Quick Links

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Indian Creek Lodge is a great place for weddings or family gatherings


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