[env-trinity] BREAKING NEWS - Bad bill for fish being introduced by Senator Feinstein

Tom Stokely tstokely at att.net
Mon Nov 17 13:53:58 PST 2014

BREAKING NEWS — the long awaited so-called “drought relief” legislation that has been lingering for months in Congress is suddenly about to move at breakneck speed in the dark of night; early reports indicate it is bad for fish, bad for the Delta, bad for the environment; but good for Westlands Water District, whose General Manager canceled a long standing commitment at the last minute and is in DC at this moment trying to help shepherd the bill through the Senate;  it is expected that Sen. Feinstein will attempt to move this bad piece of legislation in the Senate as early as tomorrow; here is an action alert from RTD on what you can do to help stop the train wreck; PLEASE DO SO -
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