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 Dear Prospective Applicants,
The Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP) Watershed Workgroup is soliciting pre-proposals for the FY16 watershed program.  Projects must be within the watersheds/tributaries of the Trinity River between Lewiston Dam and the confluence of the Klamath River at Weitchpec.  Pre-proposals are due November 20th.  The watershed workgroup has identified two priority areas: reduction of fine sediment and improvement of fish habitat connectivity.  

Projects focused on fine sediment should accelerate ongoing efforts to reduce fine sedimentloading by trapping and/or removing sedimentsthrough project through implementation in tributary watersheds, floodplains, riparian areas, and associated wetlands.Anticipated project types include roaddecommissioning, road treatment, upland erosion and sediment control, increasinginstream roughness (large wood augmentation), improved sediment storage andretention on floodplains, and streambank treatment.  

Projects focused on fish habitat connectivity should improve orenhance habitat connectivity (longitudinal as well as lateral) between fishhabitats through project implementation in tributary channels, floodplains, riparian areas, and associated wetlands. This is anticipated to be accomplishedprimarily through the enhancement of fish passage through manmade or artificialbarriers (partial and full) but will also be accomplished by other means deemedappropriate (e.g. by improving floodplain connectivity and instream poolfrequency/depth or improving  instreamflow to connect fish habitats in managed tributaries). 
While it is expectedthat most of the projects will be dedicated to on the ground implementation,applications may include project design and planning, research, monitoring to establish baselines, and monitoring to assess project effectiveness.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  A full proposal process will commence shortly after the pre-proposal process has ended.  For more details on TRRP programs, please see http://www.trrp.net/.


Sean LedwinHabitat Division LeadHoopa Tribal Fisheries 530-625-4451 x 14 hvtsean at gmail.com 

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